Jesus was just a man?

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  • NewChapter

    Well I see you can tell me all your beliefs. I don't see you supporting any of it with scripture. To the contrary. Jude said the angels forsook their place in heaven. Genesis says they came to earth and married all the women they chose. Unless you were there over me, I would read it exactly as the bible says.

    Honestly you reference so few scriptures, I'm pretty sure you're making it up and not biblically supporting any of it.


  • AllTimeJeff

    Jesus was a man. The


    of he being raised from the dead to a deity is


  • NewChapter

    LOL Jeff, I'm sitting here watching colbert and you pop up.


  • thetrueone

    Jesus was a story although a good story for the people of his era.

    Some men have exploited this particular story to build a commercial religious publishing empire, for themselves

  • Pistoff

    It is pointless to ask Godrulz a question, NC; he will offer up stock holy roller answers with no substance.

    He has not found the word resurrection in Paul's writings; he has not answered why Paul ignores Jesus actual teachings, he is stumped about why Paul ignores the miracles the gospels say Jesus performed.

    One more question, just for fun:

    Godrulz, does God approve of child sacrifice?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Goddrools has been sacrificed

  • PSacramento
    The most important question, however, is this: Did Jesus rise from the dead?
    If he did, the implications are epic.

    For US, yes, for 1st century Jews?

    Not as much as you may think.

    Yes, for sure it wasn't an everyday event, LOL ! but the Jews (Most anyways, but not all) expected the ressurection of the dead, just not at a time were, supposdly, the end had not yet come and Israel had not yet been restored to greatness.

    There is much evidence to the ressurection and much writings on the matter and anyone truly interested can find many books explaing ALL sides and views, so I won't discuss that now.

    Suffice to say that SOMETHING happened to turn his followers from hiding and fearing for their lives to preaching his ressurection openly and vocally and "globaly".

    If Jesus was ressurected does that make him more than "just a man"?

    Yes, AFTER his ressurection but the question really is, was Jesus JUST a man when he lived, preached and did the miracles that he was accused/credited for doing?

    Elijah raised the dead and he was just a man, Peter, John, Paul and others healed and they were just men.

    What made Jesus MORE than just of Man if indeed he truly was more than just a man?

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