Question for the Athiests/Agnostics

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    What a lot of great comments.

    sizemilk - I find it thoroughly intiguing jwfacts . . . That you would direct a question to atheists/agnostics, in which you would ask them to recommend a religion.

    I was not sure the best way to present this question. I did not want people promoting their particular religion, which is what I expected from those that have converted to a new faith or Church. But directing to atheists/agnostics has the possible disadvantage of them not relating to the type of person that is looking for advice. I am happy at the question, due to the quality of answers elicited.

    The reason that I asked the question, is I regularly get such requests for advice to my site, and I fall in the atheist/agnostic category. I ususally say it is each persons individual search, and that a loving God would not judge a person based on belonging to a particular denomination, since the religion a person belongs to is as much a product of birth as is the language they speak. However, make sure not to get caught up in another high control religion.

    Recently after such an email exchange, the person eventually replied that I seemed lost, and so she may as well stay a JW. I am not sure whether I should advise against that, and say that any other religion is better, provided it is not high control. Or rather just state that being a JW is fine if she is happy, as long as she is alert to the fact that not everything the GB state is beneficial and in some situations she needs to be strong enough to do what is right, rather than what she is told.

    Paralipomenon - If someone is sincerely asking where else to go, they will have already left the witnesses in my opinion.

    I agree. The person in question is emailing me because they have doubts. They may not know what to do yet, but they will never be able to go back to being a blind follower.

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