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  • jwfacts

    Some people feel they need a religion, and need to attend a Church. If such a person starts questioning the Watchtower and they asked you "where else to go?", what would you recommend?

    For many people there is no way they will give up belief in God and the Bible, and they need the social aspects of Church attendance. If you could not convince them otherwise, would you recommend they stay a JW, or that they find a new Church? If you recommend they leave the Witnesses and look for a new Christian Church, which one and why?

  • jay88

    Jesus never abandon his Jewish roots also their are many "non-believing Jews" ,...just a thought

  • serenitynow!

    I'd tell them where they go is up to them. I'd tell them it's time for them to start using their own brain. There is no easy answer. As a JW, you get so used to having everything wrapped up with a nice little bow, and all you have to do is accept it, nod your head and follow. The real world is not like that.

  • TheSilence

    Honestly it does not matter to me. I respect their rights to choose what they believe just as I expect them to respect my rights to choose what I believe. The only part that makes me sad is when it is forced on children. I would like to see them give their children choices and respect in this matter as well.


  • SweetBabyCheezits

    If I'm ever asked a similar question as this in the future, I hope to reply with something along the lines of Robert Ingersoll's response below.

    Interviewer: The great objection to your teaching urged by your enemies is that you constantly tear down, and never build up.

    Ingersoll: ....A destroyer of weeds, thistles and thorns is a benefactor, whether he soweth grain or not. I cannot for my life see why one should be charged with tearing down and not rebuilding simply because he exposes a sham, or detects a lie. I do not feel under any obligation to build something in the place of a detected falsehood. All I think I am under obligation to put in the place of a detected lie is the detection. Most religionists talk as if mistakes were valuable things and they did not wish to part with them without a consideration. Just how much they regard lies worth a dozen I do not know. If the price is reasonable I am perfectly willing to give it, rather than to see them live and give their lives to the defense of delusions.

    I am firmly convinced that to be happy here will not in the least detract from our happiness in another world should we be so fortunate as to reach another world ; and I cannot see the value of any philosophy that reaches beyond the intelligent happiness of the present. There may be a God who will make us happy in another world. If he does, it will be more than he has accomplished in this. I suppose that he will never have more than infinite power and never have less than infinite wisdom, and why people should expect that he should do better in another world than he has in this is something that I have never been able to explain. A being who has the power to prevent it and yet who allows thousands and millions of his children to starve; who devours them with earthquakes; who allows whole nations to be enslaved, cannot in my judgment be implicitly depended upon to do justice in another world.

  • Hortensia

    I agree, they need to spend some time just reading and thinking until they find out what they really think. If I gave any advice it would be to take their time, not hurry to join another group. If they need some social contact, volunteer at the library or the local ranger station or park. It doesn't really matter to me what choices they make.

  • leavingwt

    I have found that many churches have great food, great music and many enjoyable forms of recreation for young people. So, I would encourage folks to find a church where "they feel comfortable" and where they enjoy themselves. Keep your critical thinking skills turned on and be very skeptical of black-and-white thinking and claims of having the only 'truth', etc.

    MOST religions are not high-control groups. Moreover, most religions do not require uniformity or adherence to the minutia of abstract dogma. Most religions do not require members to spy on one another. Outside of high-control groups, changing religions is a non-event.

  • talesin

    I recommend that they VOLUNTEER, and meet folks with the same interests ,,, while they are travelling on their spiritual journey ...

    no need to join a new church .. take some time, figure out what you believe, but in the meantime, volunteerism is a good way to make new friends, and is also a 'way of service' that most 'christians' should pursue ... I think this would be palatable to most folks who are leaving the WT,,, it's a GREAT substitute for FS, and they will actually get some JOY from doing it.


  • jwfacts

    The issue that a lot of JWs have is that they cannot accept another Church because they cannot accept the Trinity, or hellfire. Can a JW comfortably leave the confines of a high control religion and find solitice in a religion that presents a God they cannot relate to?

    SweetBabyCheezits - that is an amazing response from Ingersoll, even more so considering it was from the 1800's.

  • talesin

    The issue that a lot of JWs have is that they cannot accept another Church because they cannot accept the Trinity

    exactly,, which is why another religion doesn't work for them .... OY, forget it, you DON"T WANT TO GET MY POINT.



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