What's Your Most Valuable Piece Of Jewelry That You Own?

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  • minimus

    I have a Presidential Rolex with a diamond bezel that's a beauty and a couple of rings and that's all I ever wear. I never liked chains or bracelets on me.

    What's your best piece of jewelry??

  • mrsjones5

    A ring my husband gave me for my birthday a few years ago. It's valuable for montary and sentimental reasons.

  • ziddina

    What? Have you decided to become a 'cat burglar' or something???


    I make jewelry. I'd say that my favorite pieceS are the ones made with carnelian - that stuff - well, the UNCOOKED version, at any rate - is like walking thru Vermont in October...


  • minimus

    I design it . No cat burglar here. LOL

  • sir82

    Yeah that was going to be my next question: "And which room in your house do you keep it in? Can you give me your address? And what time you go to work?"

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    A gold Hamilton watch. Many sentimental fashion jewelry pieces. Oh, a Mikimoto strand of pearls from Tiffanys that I bought for myself to celebrate my sister's marriage to wich I was not properly invited.

    My short list includes a classic Cartier Tank in 18K gold. The price of gold may have nixed that. Most of it is not gold. A trinity piece tring from Cartier.

    I love big, bold pieces and my coloring is very bad for sterling. Fashion jewelry can be around $1,0000, depending upon quality.

    Before I found about not wearng silver, I was given an Elsa Perreti bone cuff from Tiffany's. I also gave a more conservative cuff and matching earrings.

    Gold-filled and vermeil should be used more. Maybe they will be now.

    Overall, I am trying to curb my fashion, jewelry, and makeup expenses in lieu of experience experiences. I want to take an immersion course in Paris. Return to Europe. Attend rock concerts. These are long-term goals that feel vague. I am definitely one of the girls who consoles herself in department stores. Once, I subscribe to six fashion mags at the same time. They thought I was in the industry. I used to get invites to special shows and runway shows.

    I often love jewelry in the case but when taken away from th ebirght lights, it is nothing.

  • talesin

    Holy cool! We have jewellery-makers onboard!

    I took silversmithing myself at NSCAD .. :) busted my hand, though, and that was the end of that! Would love to go to Carmel or Amsterdam and get my GIA cert. though,,, the 'best', and only truly reputable appraiser in these parts is ready to retire ,,, can you say 'license to make money'?

    my most treasured jewellery --- my gold watch and 14k locket my grandmother gave me before she died, an huge amethyst ring from my aunt, and a 30" silver 'ring' necklace made for me by my ex.


  • minimus

    Band, I like it!!!

  • sinis

    Not a jewelry guy... hell I don't even wear my "ball and chain" ring anymore... :)

  • Robdar

    My engagment ring and matching wedding band. I have some gold chains and a couple of diamond rings and some semi precious jewelry but nothing comes close to the value of the rings I wear on my left hand. I worry about getting mugged one day.

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