What's Your Most Valuable Piece Of Jewelry That You Own?

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  • littlerockguy

    I inherited two Rolex watches from my dad. He must have bought one when he lived overseas and one when he lived here in the U.S. Either that or his wife traveled with one since you cannot go through customs with 2 Rolex watches since it violates Rolex trademark trade rules. One he kept locked away safely and another one he always wore every day.


  • Quendi

    Like ziddina, I am very fond of semi-precious stones. My favorites: aquamarine (my birthstone), amethyst, opal, and peridot. When it comes to precious gems, I prefer emeralds, star sapphires, and rubies. I also love rose gold.


  • minimus

    Value is in the eye of the beholder. I'll take a one carat diamond over a precious or semi-precious stone any day (providing the diamond is of good quality).

  • exwhyzee

    When I was a teenager I went rummaging around the ruins of my Great Grandmothers thatched cottage on a very remote island in the West of Ireland which was last occupied during the potato fammine in 1845. The surviving family built a large Georgan style house on the same property which was where my Mother was born and raised. Anyway, I found an antique pewter lantern and also a silver broach that was made in a old Celtic dedign which had "St Vincent's Hospital 1827 " beautifully worked into the design. Apparently one of my great grandmothers sisters had been a nurse there. They let me keep both of these items and I still have them. I got detained in London on the way home because not thinking....I had put them in my carry on luggage and when they X-rayed my bag and saw a cylinder shaped metal object( the lantern) they called out the brigade.

    Anyway, this thread has made me remember that I've always meant to contact St Vincents Hospital (if it still exists) and see what they know about this broach. It could turn out to be the most valuable piece of jewlry I own.

  • talesin

    Dagney, you have to use a torch with silver solder, and as Ziddina said, should think about a course .


    Diamonds are soooo plentiful, stockpiles of them,,,, just try to sell a 1 carat or less diamond to a 'dealer' ... see what they offer you.

    Most who buy diamonds and gold (can be tested easily by anyone after 1/2 hr training) are not gemologists (appraisers), so cannot verify the authenticity or valuate coloured stones.


    * likes the older rings with 'mine-cut' diamonds *

  • C6H12O6

    Retail value: low priced silver jewelry from stores

    Sentimental value: my mom's wedding brooch and a silver bracelet with bells from my infancy

    My relatives gave me jade bracelets and a $300 jade pendant, but a certain publishing company wouldn't let me keep them.

  • jam

    While serving in Central America, I became close to

    A Maya JW. On his proprty (which was very large) there

    is A city , A ancient Maya city that was never excavated.

    One day while visiting his family, he gave me A stone

    from the ruins. A black stone, that had been made for

    A necklace.

  • Quentin

    Silver Masonic ring my daughter had made for my birthday by James Avery in Ft. Worth. My wife's silver spoon ring I now wear as a wedding band. Two silver rings inlaid with turquoise. A silver sand dollar worn around the neck and a silver bracelet.

    What can I say. I like silver....

  • darthfader

    My wedding ring... It's simply priceless

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I don't like diamonds that much. Living in NY was good for me in a perverse way. I tour Cartier or Harry Winston's and realize that I can never come close to a single piece. Rather than pretend, I'll just have fun iwth cheap stuff.

    I adore pearls. More classic than diamonds. Besides my Tiffany's strand, I have multiple strands of glass ones. No one has evern stopped me to compliment me on my real Tiffany's. I saw a wondrous strand on a hospital worker. How could she afford Mikimoto? They had such lustre...I was rude enough to compliment her to find out where she purchased them. They were from a deep discount place a la Wal Mart.

    Once, only once, did a pearl merchant come out on the street and scoop me up to view his precious trove. When I think of the accumulated interest in savings over time, wow. I paid a lot for a blue box but it is fun once.

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