More on Saturday's drama: Endo-symbiotic theory mentioned not once but twice

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  • Abaddon

    EH? The endosymbiotic theory has nothing to do with abiogenesis (the origin of life). Endosymbiotic theory postulates that eukaryotic organisms absorbed or were invaded by bacteria that developed a symbitoic (co-operative, like cows and their gut bacteria or ants and aphids) relationship with the host cell, later becoming organelles like mitochondria, or possibly that two types of bacteria acheived the same ends through a progressively closer symbiosis, one eventually absorbing the other.

    This is one of two things, sheer ignorance and trying to sound with-it, or deliberately creating a strawman by maing it sound like endosymbiotic theory is a theory of abiogenesis.

  • BluesBrother

    Hmmm, following Abaddons post , and a quick ref to Wikipedia, I would like to see the J W Dad who could explain it or the rebuttal !

    and that includes me

    No doubt he would rather study the brochure........

  • Mickey mouse
  • NomadSoul

    hahahah You're too much Outlaw.

  • Magwitch

    Thanks for posting that MM!

    What is with the male chauvinist seating?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I can't wait for someone to post the whole drama. It's begging for a little editing.

  • sabastious

    I agree with Outlaw's hilarious first comment. It's just razzle dazzle, nothing more.


  • sir82
    It's just razzle dazzle, nothing more.

    Yeah, but that goes back to my point - if they want "razzle dazzle", why not either (a) make up something that sounds "cool" but is completely bogus, or (b) use the name of a fancy-sounding, but discredited, evolutionary theory?

    If a JW googles (a) or (b), they'll either find nothing, or find "additional evidence" that "evolution must not be true".

    It just seems too risky - in a google world, why give any wavering JWs something to look up that might well weaken their faith?

  • undercover

    Watching that drama clip is about the same as watching this:

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Ugh!!! I'm sorry I saw this thread. This part of the drama really hit a nerve with me!!!

    As to be expected, the society is getting laughs at the expense of science... "...endo-symbiotic theory, ha ha ha, look at the silly, big words worldly scientists use to explain the natural world, ha ha ha. We just say, 'Jehovah did it!' Ta-da!"

    At the same time, the people who penned this script don't have any problem accepting the life- saving/extending technology developed by scientists who seem to think 'endo-symbiotic theory' is nothing to scoff at.


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