More on Saturday's drama: Endo-symbiotic theory mentioned not once but twice

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  • sir82

    I don't want to give a full synopsis of Saturday's drama, for fear of inducing stupor among this thread's readers, but...

    The drama deals with a JW family with 3 kids, 2 of whom are in various stages of rebellion against all things JW.

    The older brother is one of the "rebels", while the younger brother is a thoroughly annoying piece of brown-nosing crapola, completely buying into the JW mindset.

    Anyways, the younger brother is asking the older brother about why he doesn't want to attend the family study any more.

    The older kid's rambling answer touches on something along the lines of "I'm learning things in school about how life really came here. It's not as simple as you think!"

    Younger kid: "What are you talking about?"

    Older kid: "in a few years, you'll learn all about the endo-symbiotic theory, blah blah blah..."

    Next scene, shows the harried JW father, asking the 2 younger kids (older brother has skipped out on family study again) what they want to study next week.

    "Oh, I know" squeals the annoying younger brother. "I want to learn all about the endo-symbiotic theory!"

    And the father rambles on about how they can study the "How Did Life Get Here" (or whatever it's called) brochure next week.

    Yada yada yada.

    But what I thought was curious was, they specifically mentioned an actual, living, legitimate evolutionary theory - not once, but twice, by specific name.

    Why would they do that?

    They could have just as easily have completely made up a fake name, if the idea was to add an air of "authenticity" to the older brother's comments. 99.999% of the attendees don't know even the basic rudiments of any sort of evolutionary theory. 99.999% undoubtedly think that the theory teaches that "life came from non-life" or "man evolved from monkeys".

    No one in the audience would know if the "endo-symbiotic theory" was a fake or real theory, or if a made-up name ("the Herpaderp GobbleFluster theory") was real or fake

    Instead, they gave the real name of a real theory, and made sure the annoying little brother repeated the name clearly and precisely.

    Making it awfully easy to google!

    Are there moles in the WT teaching committee, as well as the writing committee?

    Did some frustrated copywriter throw out a bone in hopes that any of the "conscious class" would recognize it?

    Or maybe in the (probably vain) hope that a curious JW would google it and figure out the theory of evolution isn't the "it all happened by random blind chance" strawman the Society presents?

    It's probably nothing - but naming a legitimate, but relatively obscure, theory twice by name was so unusual, I just got to wondering.



    To a large WBT$ Assembly of JW Janitors..

    Using big names makes the WBT$ look important in Watchtower World..

    It make them Hip-Hop-And Happening..

    Y a got to watch out for that Endo-Symbiotic Theory,stuff..

    It`s Probably Demonized!

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

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  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I wonder sometimes too. I've mentioned it before, but what caused me to end up on here was a WT that asked the question whether those who've left JWs have found sufficient spiritual food elsewhere and the answer according to the paragraph was no, for there are none with an exclamation point. At that point I said, "wait a minute...." Between them specifically mentioned the Endo-Symbiotic theory, and mentioning that people on the internet are referring to the religion as a cult, makes you wonder if certain individuals in high places are subtely encouraging the rank and file to investigate the cult religion more than what's presented on those awful DVDs.


    Almost anything Intelligent done by the WBT$,is by Accident..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    LOL, Outlaw.

  • unshackled

    Interesting sir82. That does seem unusual. Perhaps it was thrown in simply for authenticity, confident that no one would recognize endosymbiotic theory, let alone remember it to research about it later.

  • undercover
    No one in the audience was actually awake to hear the term "endo-symbiotic theory" used so had no opportunity to wonder if it was a fake or real theory...

    Fixed that for ya...

  • AwareBeing

    Oookaaay! Sounds like they can say anything with out making any sense what so ever!

    Is this a possible prelude to a future brochure or something? What might it be called?

    "Theorized Endo-Times", By: WTB&TS. Simplified Version.

    Especially designed for the zealously interested ones of obscure slop.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I've been waiting for someone to upload that drama on Youtube. The Sunday one is on there but not the Saturday one.

    When the 'cult' reference was made, I saw two brothers a few rows in front of me look at one another and raise and eyerow.

    Something was adrift with that drama.

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