Oh no, someone's dissed us to the FBI !!

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  • Simon

    Dear Sir,

    A complaint has been registered against you with the Federal Authorities in the USA.

    The complaints center on slander and character assassination emanating from members posting on your Jehovah's Witnesses Network Forum, and online stalking. All details have now gone to the FBI on Federal Plaza in New York for their immediate attention.

    ([email protected])

    "oh no"

    What do you think ... should I be waiting for the FBI to kick my door in?


  • Scully

    should I be waiting for the FBI to kick my door in?

    The FBI has no jurisdiction in Canada, and CSIS has bigger fish to fry. I wouldn't worry about it.

  • bohm

    holy shit, [email protected] is crapfloating the FBI, i bet they are ordering red gitmo jumpers for all of us as we speak!

  • watersprout

    I wouldn't worry... Slander is only slander when you are telling lies... The WT are guilty of that, not any of us.

    Think a dubbie is trying to scare you. I highly doubt the FBI is interested in the going's on of an XJW forum.


  • Simon

    I like that it's a German email address with an implied Russian name complaining to the American authorities about a Canadian.

    I'm sure Interpol are swinging in the full force and this will be raised at the next UN security council.

    "It seems someone said something on the internet that someone else disagreed with ... let's launch nukes"

  • cantleave

    I think thats the same guy that keeps telling me..

    I have millions of dollars waiting for me in a Nigerian Bank..

    If I send him a few hundred dollars he`ll help me get it..

    I`ll get my money..

    Then buy the FBI and no one will bother us..

    I`ve alway wanted to Own the FBI..


  • cantleave

    Just sent him a link to one of my videos'

  • Violia
  • Violia

    I hate IE9 and rue the day I upgraded.

    if anyone made a political threat they will investigate those. They really do take threats against the president and others seriously esp since that senator in Arizona was shot.

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