Inactive (i.e. not reporting) witnesses won't survive armageddon

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  • Quarterback

    Maybe there will be a book for the Elderly at the next Dist Assembly. "Questions, Elderly ones ask" The chapters will feature such subjects as:

    1) Memory, why you need one

    2) Why the role of the Elderly involves being quiet, and less opinionated

    3) How to calculate fractions - Publisher Record Keeping

    4) Cleanliness - Some peoples noses can tell

    5) What you can do when they take your Driver's Licence away

    6) Serve where the need is, by donating

    7) Planned Giving

    8) The 110 year pioneer

    9) You are respected, but it works both ways

    10) Dangers of the internet, social networks, and cable.

    I am so gonna get it.

  • Chariklo


    It is very unlikely you will be appointed an MS or Elder if you don't maintain a minimum number of hours.

    Still, that applies to 50% of all JW's anyway, doesn't it? And actually, when you come to think of it, does anyone actually want to become an elder or MS? Seems a lot of hassle to me, from my standpoint of being one of the ineligible 50%. (And that's even if I was baptised..... )
  • TheOldHippie

    "Christian (jw) men not being allowed to wear beards"

    Not so in Europe. Here it is allowed.

  • cantleave

    Old hippie, it is allowed, but you will not be allowed to give a talk at a Circuit or District assembly - however, you will be allowed to remain an appointed man, although made to to feel very uncomfortable.

  • Quendi

    Yes, and we all know what the New Testament has to say on the subject of facial hair! This is just one more example of the WTS "going beyond the things that are written." I knew one Witness who did not want to be considered for any congregation privileges. So to avoid even being approached about this, he grew a beard. Needless to say, the elders never spoke to him on conferring privileges. Neither did they broach the subject of his having a beard. I can only suppose that his silent but effective demonstration made his wishes abundantly clear.


  • tenyearsafter


    Excellent point about only applying to 50%!...I should have qualified that (and it is probably more like 60% that aren't elgible!)

  • godrulz

    What is the issue with beards? I would not be surprised if Paul had one (perhaps even Jesus). I heard something about vanity (some of the JW women at the Convention looked pretty vain). Have they not seen

    'Pastor' Charles T. Russell's beard or Rutherford's?! Pharisaical legalists, I say.

  • diamondiiz

    Re: Inactive (i.e. not reporting) witnesses won't survive armageddon

    Watchtower Sep 2010 on page 29 states only active witnesses will survive

    This refers to
    Christ’s coming as Judge to separate people
    of “all the nations” into two categories:
    “the sheep,” those who will have actively
    supported his spiritual brothers
    Christians on earth) and “the goats,” those
    “who do not obey the good news about our
    Lord Jesus.”

    They know many are fading, they know many know WTS is a fraud and are inactive and not DA/DF only because of their believing families. This may be another cult technique to demonize inactive JWs.

  • Wonderment

    godrulz said: "Stats and accountability may have a place in sales, etc., but to make it a tool for assessing character, loyalty to God/org., salvation stick, etc. is wrong and unprecedented for true Christians who freely share their faith without record keeping for men that can be used against you."

    How true!

  • godrulz

    diamond: is actively supported his spiritual bros open to interpretation? Since field service is part of the warp and woof of being a JW, I could see how that might be implied, but perhaps they would say Jehovah would not reward you for lack of service, but you would still get into paradise by the skin of your teeth? Regardless, cults scream works religion and know little about the power of God's grace in Christ (we cannot add to His shed blood).

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