Inactive (i.e. not reporting) witnesses won't survive armageddon

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  • chickpea

    stupid IE9

    what i MEANT to post was

    what an idiotic statement by the CO...

    how many times have we read on this board
    about how often individuals FAKED their "time",
    turning in fraudulent hours? what a dolt, to
    think a publisher time sheet is a true picture
    of anyone's dedication to their religion? idiot.....

  • Quarterback

    Hey, go easy on Godrulz, He has an opinion, just like we all do.

    I neverdid like the slips of publishing. Just think about it. It's called a Publisher record, not Preaching record. The word publishing ....not in the Bible.

    I do believe however in preaching. None of this "Citizenship, obedient Citizenship, deported citizenship" made any sense to me when I heard that talk. Let's face it. The National average of hrs are falling, and the ORG is desperate. The OR bk has included those that are inactive in the same paragraph as the Marked ones. The ORG are losing their fight, and the hrs are going to decrease further. Soon the ORG will surrender that fight.

  • Heaven

    Soooo... this would include my Father, then, who has dementia and at 83, can't even understand what they're talking about anymore. He gave 24 years of retirement to these clowns. Jehovah is quite the bastard, isn't he?


    God is more interested in our hearts and character than our time card.....GodRulz.

    Since when to Pentecostals turn in WBT$ FS reports?..

    You continuously yap about things you know nothing about..


  • Chariklo

    Hi Outlaw,

    Can't get to your jpg, the link doesn't click through and it won't copy and paste either.

    Is the whole posting some kind of image?



    I have no idea what you just said..LOL!!..


  • Quarterback

    I have a hard time posting to this site, so I used Google Chrome. It is set up separately on my desktop. Someone on this site told me to do that.

    If you had the same maybe it would be easire for you to cut and paste, Chariko

  • Quarterback

    Heaven, yes, they don't diferentiate about the Elderly ones, unfortunately.

    But, they do state that they will accept 1/4 time increments for the disabled. This apparently was a new arrangement that was considered to be a loving gesture from the FDS. What kind of love did the FDS have before resorting to this practice is under review. I so wish that they canned this publisher record slip. It just creates more frustration than it's worth. So is the titles of Pioneering (regular, and auxiliary). Anothere term not mentioned in the Bible. I do believe in Preaching, but I hate it when the bean counters take all the joy out of it.

  • jwfacts

    If you ask a JW if God will kill billions they will say no way, you don't have to be a JW to be saved, God reads hearts. But then on the otherhand, even if you are a JW, if you don't preach enough you may not survive. It is just a guilt tactic to make more sales.

  • oppostate

    Notice the wording on a 1988 WT about the action of turning in a field service report:

    "This will demonstrate his affiliation with the theocratic organization of Jehovah's Witnesses and his submission to it"

    It's all about "submission" to an organization, that's pretty clearly stated.

    Then comes the punchline in parentheses:

    "(This would also be true of all others turning in field service reports.)"

    So that's it, if you turn in a field service report you're acknowledging your submission.

    And isn't that just how the GB likes it.

    Our being meek little good do-bees submitting to their organizational rules?

    Not turning in your purported time means you're not being submissive to them.

    *** w88 11/15 p. 17 par. 9 Helping Others to Worship God ***

    9 The two elders will inform the student that when he qualifies for and shares in the field service, he may turn in a field service report and a Congregation’s Publisher Record card will be made out in his name. This will demonstrate his affiliation with the theocratic organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses and his submission to it. (This would also be true of all others turning in field service reports.) The discussion should also cover Bible counsel, such as is outlined on pages 98 and 99 of Organized to Accomplish Our Ministry. Hence, this would be an appropriate time for the student to obtain a personal copy of that book.

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