I joined a new cult

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  • skeeter1

    Another ex-Dub was talking to me about nutrition and healthy lifestyle, natural remedies, etc. I've been getting into it.

    I came across Dr. Fuhrman. He's an authority (Board Certified family physician). His stick is that American's disease (heart, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune, etc) is caused from a micronutrient poor diet. He's for less processed foods and for MUCH, MUCH more whole, natural foods. Did you know that Americans eat 65% of their diet from processed foods and only about 5% of their diet comes from non-white potato fruits and veggies?

    He's into fruits, veggies, salads, soups, nuts, whole grains, oatmeal, and seeds as the main component of a healthy diet. He's for limiting meats (to no more then 4 ounces a day - using buffalo, sirloin, chicken, clean fish), eliminating processed meats all together, salts, diary (limited or switched to soy, almond, hemp, derived milks), and sparing on the oils (a processed food). He's into desserts - but home made pies using a nut based crust, ice cream made with an veggie milk, etc. So far, his foods are gourmet!

    He backs it all up with scientific data from the World Health Organization and Nutrition type articles. He claims to have many patients that have reversed diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, hardened arteries...and a small handlful that he's helped cure cancer (mushrooms and onions, in particular, prevent new blood vessels and tumor formation).

    I've been following this diet style for 10 days. I am not hungry. I like what I am eating. In fact, I enjoy it. I've lost about 3 pounds.

    For breakfast, I had a fruit salad of canteloupe, melon, berries, and papaya with oatmeal and coffee. For lunch, I ate a salad with arugula, spinich, watercress, carrots, peppers, sweat peas, almonds, sunflower seeds, and a whole grain toasted pita

    Anyway, I'm so into it...that

    1) I have the need to TELL everyone about it.

    2) I am going to eat some meat - as I'm getting "scared" of the black world of meats...especially hot dogs. Skeeter used to eat hot dogs - especially on July 4th.

    I keep saying to the back of mind that "some cults are good" and that this is really a healthier lifestyle. But, is a "nutritarian" a cullt? Am I programmed to turn this into my new cult? I can feel me developing a "black and white" mentality between greens and doughnuts. I can feel the "cult alarms" going off.

    The good thing is that I recognize the signs of cult. I hope I don't let it go that far. I think I'll go to Dunkin Doughnuts and smell the sugar.


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I almost did the same ting. A family that got out of JW cult became Vegans. They went totaly overboard for a while. They wanted me to get into it but I told them I needed the "heal" for a while before I did any life style changes. They have since then become more reasonable...

    Stay healthy my friend

  • designs

    After enjoying your morning yogurt with fruit sit back and fire up a nice cigar.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    What's his stance on booze?

  • Quandry

    Sounds good, but I do love hotdogs.....

  • EmptyInside

    Hey,Skeeter,I have Dr. Fuhrman's books too. He offers a lot of healthy advice. I need to follow his plan a bit more closely. But,when I was on it strictly,I felt great and wasn't as tired,and lost weight too,all good.

    I did get discouraged with his website though,it seems to be all about selling his products and books. I was just hoping for healthy recipes and diet tips.

  • badseed

    his stance on booze is a little shaky

  • AwareBeing

    We saw his program on PBS. When those shows come on, we take notes.

    Though not as detailed as we once did at the conventions, but just the basics.

    That way we don't go overboard as sticklers do, yet can benefit from the tips offered.

    It's easier to follow something when it's a principle applied to circumstances,

    rather than a 100% "must do'", in every case.

  • Kahlua

    Sounds a lot like T. Collin Campbell, Ph D. He and Thomas M Campbell II wrote The China Study.

    Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. (author Eat To Live) wrote a comment for the book. I assume he's the same guy you are talking about.

    Is it really a cult or just the right way to eat? We eat very little meat any more and only buy whole grain pastas and breads. No cows milk. We use either rice or almond milk. My granddaughter's pediatrician told us she does not need cows milk at all. He did suggest a little yogurt and cheese for her. Another doctor in Arizona told me to not use cow or soy milk. He suggested rice milk.

    We try to eat mostly raw or lightly cooked veggies. Dr. Campbell's book really goes into detail about what they learned concerning meat protein and cancer. He says don't eat anything that has a mother or a face. : ) I read somewhere recently that brown rice and beans make a complete protein to replace meat.

  • EmptyInside

    I have become a bit more balanced with regard to nutritioin. And I feel if most days,you're eating healthy,if once in while you want some "junK' or whatever,it won't hurt. It's just having the junk food all the time that hurts.

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