I joined a new cult

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  • skeeter1

    Oh, on onions (and all other veggies)...

    Like any cult leader, Dr. Fuhrman "suggests" behavior.

    He suggests everyone chew their food well. First, by chewing you will give your brain time to realize the stomach is full (I've heard that one before). Second, a new one to me, is that people who chew food well have less whole plant cells in their stool. He wants people to break apart their food to break apart plant cells. Some of these micronutrients are in the cell walls and the inside of cells. You want as much nutrients going into your body and not in the toilet. Just think of how you eyes cry when you cut an onion.....releasing micronutrients...

  • AwareBeing

    That makes sense. Most experts advise chewing your food slowly anyway.

  • skeeter1

    Here's some stuf on blood vessel formation and mushrooms....


    Some common components of human diets also act as mild angiogenesis inhibitors and have therefore been proposed for angioprevention, the prevention of metastasis through the inhibition of angiogenesis. In particular, the following foodstuffs contain significant inhibitors and have been suggested as part of a healthy diet for this and other benefits:

  • Wonderment

    I suggest caution to anyone going vegan 100%. I know of cases where vegans ended up with cancer and/or death prematurely. Close to me had two co-workers die prematurely and one could say they were fanatic vegans. Another had her tongue removed because of cancer. She kept up with everything healthwise.She avoided meats altogether.

    My father hardly ever ate veggies, didn't exercise, was overweight, ate lots of meats, (pork, etc), and still lived to a "normal" 82. He died of a stroke, due to high blood pressure, because he didn't keep up with medication. He outlived some of the vegans I know by decades of lifetime. He was still strong and active when he had the stroke. Perhaps, my Dad lived a normal life because he ate homemade meals, though he had bad practices.

    Like others stated here, balance is the key. I like my wine with meals, love x-virgin olive oil, and I eat my veggies. My wife is a SDA, so she does not cook pork, so I eat pork less than before. I don't take any diets, because they are for me an irritation. I avoid sodas and try to eat homemade meals. I cannot emphasize that enough. HOMEMADE meals. Avoid anything processed, at least, keep it to a minimum. Just the basics. I don't follow warnings that I should not use salt, or eat eggs. No, I enjoy the salt moderately. I love eggs a few times a week. Nutritionists change their theories every few years, a few decades at most. So what they preach today as true nutrition may be wrong science 10 years from now. It reminds me of WT doctrines where they change at whim.

  • ziddina

    Hmmm... Sounds like the "caveman" diet... Supposedly close to the diets of hunter-gatherer groups... There are a lot of health benefits from eating like our distant ancestors... But remember, they also invented booze!!

  • Wonderment


    Didn't realize I was following a diet, per se. You may be right. Anyways, I feel comfortable to the point that it does not feel like one advertised diet.

    Oh, I enjoy moderate drinking... beer and wine, mostly.

  • man in black
  • AwareBeing

    Well what ever the diet, it sure beats the "pioneer cult."

    They gobble down heart-healthy garlic pills for speed-walks!

  • youngbro

    Interetsing. My family eats a lot of whole foods too...and...

    " I've been following this diet style for 10 days" any chance that your " countenance(s) appeared better and fatter in flesh"?

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