Maximum Damage to the WT.

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  • steve2

    I have no interest in organizing an outreach to JWs. On the larger scale ofwhat's happening in the world, they are terribly small fry. Besides, the mere presence of an outreach /expose-type clearing house smacks of those extremely annoying Christian outreach groups who lick their lips with glee when cit comes to turning against the JWs.

    No one made a concerted effort to get me out. I used my own thinknig faculties. The mistake a lot of people make is asuming 1) that mere reasoning will open JWs eyes and 2) that JWs are even interested in reasoning. My view is: They are welcome to their belief system just as all religionists are welcome to their respective belief systems.

    The "hope" of a unified group speaking as one against the JWs is a remnant of the cult mentality. What I love about being out of the JWs is the delicious messiness of life as it is actually lived - in contrast to the way people think it should be. The real world doesn't hand you an organized list of how to live your life. If you accept the responsibilities of life as an adult, you don't go around looking for a clearing house of information on how to speak for or against some group. You seize your adult brain and do your own research.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Just telling all our stories on the Internet is a huge help.

    I doubt much more is needed.

    People can tell just by reading about us here that we are just like they are.

    No story is an original.

    Someone somewhere has been there and done that or is going through this and that.

    And, with the privacy and anonimity of the 'net, it's easy to sneak on these kinds of sites and not get caught.

  • shopaholic

    Want to do maximum damage to the WT? Be happy (or okay) outside of the org and let it show. When you see them, greet them with a smile

  • steve2

    Shopaholic - you said it so very well. I so agree with you!!! Nothing is more pathetic in my eyes than the "'victim"' mentality of somewho sees to expose the JWs.

    A happy life outside the JWs is the perfect answer, not puddles of tears. There's something truly off-putting about some people ranting and raving against the Watchtower with a sob story that grows in theatricality each time it's told.

    Besides, I'm convinced the maximum damage to the Watchtower is actually done by the Watchtower itself. It is its own worst enemy -given the huge drop-out rate and discontent inside.

  • AwareBeing

    That's right! When the see us in public they say: "You guys look great! What have you been doing?

    Were do you go now?" We say: "Were ever we want!" They get a dumb founded look on their faces

    and stop asking questions. Their probably thinking: "Why am I so miserable in such a 'happy organization'?"

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Besides, I'm convinced the maximum damage to the Watchtower is actually done by the Watchtower itself. It is its own worst enemy -given the huge drop-out rate and discontent inside.

    Good point, Steve. Based on the long time estimate of 1% that means some 70,000 make their way out each year. And those making their way into Watchtower have seemed to stop peaking in the internet-savvy countries.

    Watchtower's worst enemy, in my opinion, is Watchtower publications. Since the early 90's with the debut of the WT Library CD, Watchtower critics have been able to, far more easily, research teachings of the past (and present), then quoting selectively from them at this and other forums, plus within well-constructed essays posted online. Let their own words crucify them to their own followers, that is, those who are willing to read such incriminating verbiage.

    But to each his own. It may be the sheer variety of attacks that appears to be making the dent with some 1,350 leaving that fold each day.


  • LV101

    1,350 leaving daily --- WOW/thanks for doing the math.

  • overlapmyass

    Stage One: Somehow we have to get our politicians to redefine "freedom of religion". Of course we should all be free to believe in whatever we want - even super power sky gods.. if that's what we want. But that freedom must not be used as a cover for a freedom to coerce, to extort, to threaten and to lie to people.. and that's exactly what the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses does!

    Stage two: Start a class action lawsuit against the current Governing Body. They are now a multi-million dollar corporation. Let's bankrupt them out of existence! After that those evil old men should be prosecuted for their role in inciting parents to refuse permission to give essential blood transfusions to their children.

    Stage 3: Organize street parties to celebrate the destruction of this most evil organization!

  • Tuesday

    I will publically debate any JW on basically any subject. So sign me up for that one.

    I vote for this to be part of the Vast Apostate Army movement.

  • shopaholic

    Stage two: Start a class action lawsuit against the current Governing Body.

    Now that's an interesting idea. If executed correctly, this would even attrack active JWs that feel as if they have been deprived of what they could have done\had\been if not for the WT org.

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