Maximum Damage to the WT.

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    A more holistic approach, one that seeks to free individuals and families from all manner of cultish organisation, would be much more difficult to undermine and more likely to win wider acceptance from the population at large.

    It would be THE most effective approach. Imagine if an ex mormon was able to put together examples from their literature of the same mind control tactics used by the JWs. Another mormon would run scared from such 'apostate literature' and vice versa.

    Steve Hassan's website does not provide this. There is a massive gap for a website drawing parallels between cult practices from their own literature.

  • AwareBeing

    As more write in the consensus among us will change. Alas, it's the nature of the web.

    Although a lot of Christian books have useful information it shouldn't over ride historical facts.

  • dgp

    Juan Viejo: I'm extremely happy to read your post. In this, as in many other things, you will have to excuse my ignorance as a worldly. I trust you can see my fear is one of "us" running out of people with authority to speak, one that I don't have because (fortunately) I was never a witness.

    Didn't know about Hitchens' disease. Sad thing.

    I think that, more than an organization, involving hierarchy and all, what should unite everyone is purpose. The purpose should be to help people truly decide whether they want to spend their lives in the cults or not. They should have the information.

    I think there should also be space for worldlies like me. I would be told something like "And, will you please explain why you are here?". I would say something like "Because....".

  • Nickolas

    4) it's not just ex-jw's, but all lost sheep no matter where they're from

    Nick, you're ONLY interested in JWs/ex-JWs and not other cult members? (or am I misreading #4?)

    It goes to the meaning of "lost sheep", MS. If it means those who have left cults and are lost, then I can agree with #4. If it means that I accept the biblical nuance of "sheep" (ie. that maintaining a belief in Christianity is a given in #4) then I'm not in. Helping someone escape the Watchtower or Salt Lake City only to find his/her way into another cult is not what I would think of as ideal. I would have to ponder the overall proposition before I would agree to help someone escape one cult for a much less distructive one - the lesser of two evils is still evil.

  • dgp

    I agree with Nickolas above.

  • Terry

    Well, I use to have such fantasies too!

    I think my 3rd or 4th topic here was about petitioning and embarassing the Society :)

    But, fantasy is all it was....and is, alas.

    You can't take away the hope of 7 million people and replace it with nothing.

    You may as well tell a person their mother is really a lying slut. Watch how grateful to you they become!

    No. Won't work.

    Even exposing the flip-flops means very little in the long run.

    For one thing, WE HAVE NO CREDIBILITY. We are "evil" to them.

    They expect us to plot their downfall with shrill and manical glee!!

    We just play into their hands this way.

    The best revenge is living a good life!

    We out "happy" them. That is a wonderful payback.

  • Terry

    Here it is. My wacky idea from 7 years ago.

    I may have an important idea! (Beginner's luck).

    What if we all (and I mean every last one of us; BIG NUMBERS OF PEOPLE) wrote a scathing and precise petition or letter of protest (as an open letter) to the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses and released it to the press on a slow news day with lots of fanfare?

    We would "call out" the rascals in no uncertain terms citing our grievances (like the founding fathers to George III) and enumerating our personal suffering under the policies we want changed. The list would include setting themselves up as little dictators speaking in God's name and issuing papal decrees upon penalty of excommunication. We could demand apologies for stealing the future of children born to JW families who lose the happiness of childhood through worthless Pharisaic adherence to blind rules such as no Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Holidays in general, etc. We would demand apologies for stealing the future of families who were encouraged in God's name to renounce higher education, houses, cars, marriage and children to sell Watchtower warnings to the public under the bogus banner of chicken little's The Sky is Falling (Armageddon).

    We could demand an end to blood policies that take the lives of children and mothers and every other faithful family member frightened more of displeasing Brooklyn than of losing their own lives. We could demand a clear accounting of the millions of dollars taken in by the unpaid labor of house to house salesmanship on the basis that we see no benefit from the $$$ sent in. No JW schools, nursing homes, daycare facilities, retirement plans, youth programs, colleges, medical research facilities, or charities even exist which would account for the money being absorbed by the Brooklyn piggy bank. We could demand a policy of mercy, patience and forgiveness for members who ask honest questions and seek answers based on something other than stony silence from the leaders.

    We could demand a dialogue, an open ear, a humble willingness to listen to the opinion which does not match theirs without bringing down condemnation and the wrath of god. We could demand some mechanism whereby the governing body could be corrected for error by the flock of God and no hide behind a veil of supreme indifference and empowered cowardice. We could ask for an explanation of how over a century of feckless misinformation could be published about vaccinations being worthless, aluminum cookware being poisonous, germs not causing disease, pyramids giving dates for destruction, God living in a star cluster and various other crackpot notions.

    How could this be published and distributed in the homes of innocent people under the banner of God's work? This and many other things could clearly be enumerated and presented publicly to catch the attention of the world and focus a spotlight on the secrecy and hubris of the Brooklyn plutocrats.Indifference and hurtful policies allow children to be molested, women to be brutalized, families to shatter and lies to go forth as truths all because 12 very rich and powerful men choose to get away with it as mobsters for God Almighty.End organized crime---hold the Governing Body of the New World Society of Jehovah's Witnesses accountable!!

    Who among you say "YEA" ?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I guess I prefer the "disunity" of the exJW community for several reasons. A primary reason being that a singular exJW organization would easily become the singular target of Watchtower. It would be much easier for Writing to target one enemy that they could label "antichrist". As it is now, there are many enemies that approach from different angles, times, and places.

    A different message of Christianity appeals to some, but not to all of us. I has no appeal for me. Similarly, some that leave WT are gay, but that doesn't mean that everyone that leaves WT is going to be gay.

    Organizing exJWs would be like trying to herd cats. It just isn't in our nature anymore.

  • SparrowAmongMany


    you people need a hobby, seriously!

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The problem as mentioned before is that everything seen as opposition makes them believe that they are right and everything that opposes their view is apostate and thus not worth listening to.

    What you have to do is a) make sure you don't fit the persecutor moniker and b) adapt your message to be acceptable within the confines of the religion. The problem is, nobody in the church listens! JW's are just church goers, you can declare yourself to be Satan from stage and nobody would twitch. The people leaving the religion are the smart ones that do listen and see the logical and ethical flaws in the message. If your doctor said that letting your child die would help heal your cancer you would think he's crazy and go somewhere else, however the same message in the religious context is taken in without question and found to be acceptable.

    The only way to destroy the JW organization is by poisoning the channels through which they communicate and get their "spiritual food". The greatest flaw is the singular control channel through which they communicate with their members (top down, no questions, official letters and watchtowers). If you could somehow replace or inject messages into the control streams you can affect a great deal of the actions of an individual congregation. A good idea would thus be to get a letter in from the "branch" outlining certain actions to be taken but be careful about the message so you're not tripping the 'apostate' alarms and initiate interaction with the branch.

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