New 3D smurf movie

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  • jwfacts

    There is a Smurf movie coming in July. They look like the avatar in miniature.

    Do you think this time around JWs will be able to see it, or are they still considered demonised? Will there be a new generation of kids hearing about smurfs running out of kingdom halls, and will they be told about it by the overlapping generation?

  • worried

    Seriously.. I think you are overreacting a bit on the smurf issue.. Where im from, we have never heard of any reason to avoid smurfs, and i have never heard the smurf stories that you post in here.. Dont know if it is an american phaenomenon, but it is not like youre gonna get D/F for watching that movie..

  • EmptyInside
  • jwfacts

    I'm from Tasmania, which is as far from American as physically possible, and we had all the smurf urban myths. Not sure about anyone getting disfellowshipped over a smurf though.

  • freetosee

    Here in Germany the smurf stories were/are also told. A child took a smurf doll to the kh. During the meeting the doll came to life and walked out of the hall.
    You would not be df for letting your kids play with smurfs, but you could lose your "good standing" for making your brother stumble. So it was a NO, NO for elders, MS and pioneers.


  • cantleave

    The Smurf thing never happened in the UK. They were just used to advertise a brand of Petrol. oh and Father Abraham sang a stupid song with them. They were certainly never mentioned among the witnesses as demons!

  • InquiryMan

    It was never mentioned as a no-no in Scandinavia as well, as far as I can remember or experienced.

  • fade_away

    I was born in Puerto Rico and as a child I remember a blurry memory of the smurf stories. My mother didn't let me play with smurf dolls, but then again I wasn't really into the smurf thing. I was into Ninja Turtles. My parents let me play with that even though it promotes violence. lol.

  • lepermessiah

    I live in the midwest United States.....the Smurf scare of the early 1980's was HUGE in my congregation.

    People were freaking out - throwing them away, telling tall tales of evil things that happen to those in possesion of Smurfs, etc.

    Our family scoffed at it since we had family in Europe, and they had been over there for years before the Smurfs invaded the USA.

    The European continent was still standing, so we figured there was nothing to worry about.

    I remember around the same time, the whole "backmasking" of records scare was going on, along with the extreme fear of any hard rock band.

    My friend, who was like an older brother to me, bought Motley Crue's "Shout at the Devil" around the height of the SMURF scare - I remember people freaking out. He ended up getting DF'ed a few weeks later for messing around with a girl at the hall. Of course, people blamed the CRUE (and probably the SMURFS for possessing him to SMURF around with that girl at the hall)........

  • AnnOMaly

    Devil music.

    It's just begging to be parodied. Anyone?

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