It's could've damn you! COULD'VE!! Not "could of". Aaaaaaargh!

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  • tiki

    true religion = oxymoron

    old pet peeve - was a Revelation John had....the book is not plural.

    but the best was the dude who was giving a talk and instructed the audience to turn to the book of malarky..........(malachi)

  • AnnOMaly

    "Let's be attentative to the talk."



    " ... had went ... "

    Oh and "Cool Hwhip."

  • NewChapter

    so there wouldn't be any confusement. We were off to a bad start.

    Yes Talesin, it got much, much worse. It was as if we were speaking different languages! I was nearly in tears with frustration because it was an accounting issue that demanded good communication skills. I finally had to ask to speak to her supervisor---simply because I couldn't understand a thing she was saying. And I was quite experienced and good at my job. I had an easier time speaking to my accounts with Spanish as a first language!


  • willyloman

    The one that used to bother me was "Jehovah Witness," especially when uttered by a member of the religion who you'd think would know how to spell the cult's proper name.

    I mean, you never hear any Mormons say they are LSD.

    Doesn't bother me much now, though.

  • rebel8

    "A whole nother". That's my pet peeve.

    Also I really hate it when professionals do not use their spell check function. When I get things that are supposedly professionally written, and the spell checker has words underlined in red that they haven't bothered to fix, it's cringeworthy. Just lazy.

  • scary21

    Where you at? ................Where are you?

  • nicolaou
    It's happening again!
  • One Last Kiss
    One Last Kiss

    Hehehehehe, I was all ready to start this very topic and lookey what we have here!

    Of all the bad grammar in all the interwebs, 'could of' is what pushes my kill everything now button. Gah! 

  • Splash

    What do Americans call a chaise longue, isn't it a chaise lounge?
    That's just lazy, it's a "long chair".

    Cordon bleu becomes cordon blue. I mean, come on, mixing up languages?

    The only satisfaction I get when I see ignorant spelling, is that Google probably doesn't work well for their searches. GOOD! 


  • OneFingerSalute

    @Reopened Mind said, "I would constantly correct my husband's grammar and pronounciation."

    HaHa. . .that's a good one. How was his pronunciation though?

    @Snowbird said, "HIV virus ticks me off greatly."

    I really cringe when people refer to the VIN number on their vehicle.  


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