It's could've damn you! COULD'VE!! Not "could of". Aaaaaaargh!

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    American spelling (removing the unnecessary 'u' in words like colour, for example) conserves keystrokes, Wobble. What could be wrong with that?

  • NewChapter

    IRREGARDLESS, murder was a little harsh!

    I heard irregardless used to advertise a local COLLEGE---(university for my UK friends) and I thought I would have to buy a gun and go down there myself to correct this grievous sin.


  • snowbird

    LOL @ New Chapter.

    HIV virus ticks me off greatly!


  • nugget

    Very good I needed a break from academic papers for a bit.

  • NewChapter

    LOL Syl. Some people just have to repeat again.


  • tec

    I need to dethaw the chicken ;)

    (I used to say this. )

  • NewChapter

    You know what, as a writer, this is one of my favorite subjects! LOL I LOVE this thread.

    Here is a favorite: "my head LITERALLY exploded", to which I say:

    "No dear heart, your head METAPHORICALLY exploded, however my head WILL LITERALLY explode if you say that again!"

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    I, too, am one who likes to hear English spoken correctly, although from an American standpoint. One of my pet peeves was hearing the speaker say, "Turn to Psalms 83:18" instead of Psalm 83:18. And yes using "of" instead of "have".

    For the first several years of our marriage I would constantly correct my husband's grammar and pronounciation. When he became an elder I thought he would appreciate learning how to speak better on stage. Unfortunately all that happened was that he just became more irritated with me. I gradually learned to let it slide most of the time. Well about four years ago he was diagnosed with ADD (he's the poster who goes by the name of TotallyADD) and he feels he has mild dyslexia. So now I've learned to be more understanding and try to listen more for what he is really saying and not so much as how he is saying it. Being raised by Witness parents who themselves did not speak English well and having no motivation to do well in school because the world was going to be destroyed anyway gave him little motivation to apply himself to learning how to speak and write correctly. So now I am just grateful that I have a good man by my side who has come to see the cult of Watchtower for what it really is and we are leaving together and making a new life for ourselves.

    Reopened Mind

  • nicolaou

    "That's my personal opinion."

    Your personal opinion? What other kind of opinion could you possibly have!!

  • NewChapter

    True fact.

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