The Generation(s) That Wasted Their Lives

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  • undercover

    Growing up as a JW, you see the world differently than most everyone else. You see the world as something that is going to end very soon. All that we know will be gone by the time we're adults.

    When we were young, we were living in the last days and were expecting Armageddon before we grew old. We were the people who would cheat old age and death.

    Therefore we didn't have to worry about jobs, careers, houses, families. We were gonna party like it was 1999, the end would come and we'd all be in Paradise.

    That was when we were young. Now... we're old. Fortunately I've awakened from that dream and seen the folly of that expectation. However, occasionally I see former JW associates that are still in and active and I see people still living as if Armageddon is coming soon. But now they do have to worry about jobs, houses, families... and now, medical care and retirement. They think, maybe still, they'll cheat death. They're expecting something that isn't going to happen.

    It's a delusional expectation that has caused entire generations (not just mine, but my parents and grandparents before me) to waste their lives expecting to live forever and to be young forever. How sad to see people in their twilight years still expecting some miraculous event to transform them back to what they can never be again...

    Once in awhile I get all introspective about my growing up JW and have to record my thoughts on these things. I know that most here can relate...

    Now... back to reality... and the bar...

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  • bigmac

    yes its easy to look back with bitterness at all those wasted years--i'm lucky --i got totally out of it over half my life ago. how you guys who have only recently left--or god forbid--are STILL IN--must feel--i dont want to imagine.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I won't add anything now. UC said it all.

    (I do reserve the right to add comments later when others say something of value.)

  • talesin

    How sad to see people in their twilight years still expecting some miraculous event to transform them back to what they can never be again...

    And another spin .... who now realize it's a lie, but are too old and sick to start again, and are waiting for death to end their physical/spiritual/emotional pain and hopeless feelings of regret.



    2 Generations of JW`s in my family,didn`t want much to do with me because..

    I didn`t share their beliefs that they were going to Live Forever..

    Then they Died..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • FirstLastName

    I remember very specifically being told when I was in Junior High School that I would never finish High School, and being SO excited cause I HATED school and so I would never have to finish! Yeah ! I get to go straight to paradise and pet lions and not worry about school !!

    and now 15 years after HS.........

    Were is that damn lion for me to pet ???!!!!

  • snowbird

    LOL @ Outlaw.

    You are incorrigible!

    UC, imho, no life is ever wasted.

    Somewhere, sometime, somehow, everyone said or did something to help or influence another.

    That, my friend, surely counts for something.


  • Magwitch

    The witnesses in their 70's and 80's are desperate to see themselves proved right. They are staring at death, which was never, ever to happen to them - they were not to even go to kindergarten because the end was so near. Now, any non-theocratic time is usually spent watching the news so they can link all world events to the start of the big A.

    The tornado in Joplin was another indicator that the big A is closer than we think

  • dgp

    LOL Outlaw!

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