Can demons travel through my Internet connection?

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  • rebel8
  • metatron

    I think you need a Firewall with the latest anti-demon updates.


  • Black Sheep
  • Quandry

    Is there really a Beth Shan congregation of JWs? Wasn't that the house that had a bomb shelter in the basement or am I imagining that?

    Is this really a pro-JW site?

  • Quandry

    Just wanted to add that I do think demons can travel through the computer.

    I have had many troubles with mine, and just know it is because I have spoken against the faithful slave...or do I mean the governing body because the slave doesn't share input with the GB, or do I mean the overlapping generation.....or it could be because I am inept at using a computer because I followed the Godly wisdom to not get an education and so know little about using it.....

  • finding my way
    finding my way



    I've never actually seen a Demon, yet they still scare me more than anything else...why is that I wonder?

  • Alfred

    During a service meeting about 2 years ago, an pioneer elder (who had been milking workman comp benefits for an alleged back injury) gave a "needs" talk about the internet... I remember him saying something like: "If Satan and his demons can get inside a human brain, they can easily get into computer as well" (or words to that effect)... I remember thinking: "how incredibly ridiculous".

  • cantleave
  • designs

    If you put a crimp in your Cat5 cable they can't get through...

  • chickpea


    no, really.... unbelievable!!

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