Music-related jw urban myths

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  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    I told this Tale awhile ago...

    A MS told me Rush was bad because of what you have mentioned... Rebels Under Satans Hand...

    Kiss Knights in Satans Service...

    He told me why can't I listen to clean music like Huey Lewis and the News....

    I looked at him shocked (It came to so quick I was Amazed) and said you don't know what NEWS stands for Brother....

    Nights Entwined With Satan......

    He threw them away that day...

    LMAO!! FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the Queen backwards .....Sounds like great advice...

    Heres a real Backwards theme

  • undercover
    He told me why can't I listen to clean music like Huey Lewis and the News....

    um, what about "I Want a New Drug"?

    yea yea I know, it's a metaphor but tell that to the elder who heard it being played at a JW wedding reception and went to the brother spinning the tunes and made him stop it mid-song.

    Personally, I'm glad the elder made him cut it short...but for an entirely different reason.

  • exwhyzee

    Here's another harmless little ditty that when played backwards one could clearly hear them repeating over and over, the fruitages of the, joy, peace, long suffering.... and other such upbuilding talk. Against this song...there was no law.

  • rebel8

    I hope no demons attach themselves to this post when I hit send. They are everywhere electronic you know.

    haha, I wonder if they believe that?

    "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by Tommy James and the Shondrels was popular when the blue covered "TRUTH BOOK" was released at the summer DC....which was the "Summer of Love" for the rest of the world. Everyone said Tommy James was studying when he wrote the hit song about the TRUTH BOOK

    oh....I had totally forgotten about that one.

    (They also claim the Truth book has the largest ever circulation in human history, 2nd only to the bible, 'cept that's not true either.)

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    The Truth book used to be in the Guiness Book of Records for the most published book, or something like that.

    I know, because I checked. This was back in the 70s/80s.

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