Damn you Kingdom Melodies! Damn you to hell...

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  • ranmac


    You made me laugh and choke on my drink.


  • roxanesophia

    Unshackled - Welcome to the forum roxanesophia. What song was that with those "This is the way to life, this is the way..." lyrics? Doesn't ring a bell....

    Thank you I just had to look up the song in the "Sing to Jehovah" book. It's song 65. I won't write out the whole chorus incase it gets stuck in anyone's head. I don't wanna be responsible for that.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I was wondering long it has been since they came out with the new song book? Up to the time of this change were they still using the one they used in the early seventies. I think that one was purple.

    I remember when I first started going to the KH thinking how god awful the music was. I think it was the first or second time I went I took a friend with me. He started laughing at one of the songs. It had some line about God's enemies biting the dust that set him off. Like Prophecor I've also thought that I should have known something was wrong by the lousy music. I guess I'm fortunate because I don't have that poison rattling around in my head.

  • undercover

    Ya know...other than "We Are..." and "House to House", I can't remember how any of the Kingdom Melodies go anymore. Oh, I'd recogize em if I heard em, but I have thankfully managed to purge my mind of all that crap music and lyrics.

    I went to a JW funeral last year and they used some of the new songs and boy, were they bad. Horrible bad. Embarrassingly bad. I actually felt sorry for anyone who was subjected to this sorry excuse for music week in and week out. No wonder more and more JWs are on the lunatic fringe. The music is driving them batty.

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