Damn you Kingdom Melodies! Damn you to hell...

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  • aquagirl

    Yoda like...hahahahahah,Excellent!!!!!!

  • RagingBull

    Well, don't kick yourself too hard...that crap has been changed now (ref. the new song book)...so I'm sure it doesn't even sound the same anymore. The new songs (remixes) are crap. Funny how such a perfect organization has to keep revising and changing things huh?

  • unshackled

    Well...good to hear I'm not the only one with the cult classics rolling around up there.

    @poopsie: yeah that was little mean, but think I got the worst of it. Since posting those 'life without end' lyrics they've been stuck in my head. Agonizing.

    @morbidzbaby: Hmmm…I can't recall the "Looney Tunes" one. Which was that? Or…do I really want to know…

    @Low-Key: Backwards syntax….good observation. Never really thought about it before. The songs would've been more fun if I had thought of the Yoda-speak thing. LOL

    @elderlite, totallyADD, ragingbull: I knew there was a new songbook, but didn't know they changed the tune of the old one. Did they do that for all of them? How about Make the Truth Your Own?

  • WTWizard

    I can remember the same thing with Christmas songs. Anyone that remembers what it was like to hate Christmas songs, and have those coming up in the middle of summer, know how hard it can be to lose the Kingdumb maladies for good. Yes, it can be a problem. Yes, it is very annoying. Yes, you get a headache and can be lulled into singing them. However, there is no guilt for inadvertently humming or singing a Kingdumb malady any more than there should have been if you hum or sing "Silver Bells" during Christmas season while you were an active witless.

    The important thing is that you not add to it. Especially by listening to it--posting the lyrics serves as a reminder of how depressing the Kingdumb maladies were. If you still have recordings of the Kingdumb maladies, you might do well to follow the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger's suggestion they make for worldly "bad" songs. The Kingdumb maladies are all bad. If you are still forced to listen to them (have family members that play Kingdumb maladies, still have to attend boasting sessions, have co-workers that play Kingdumb maladies on a radio you have to listen to, etc.), I suggest having your own radio or headphones running.

    Running with what? That is up to you--whatever worked best for you when you "had" to drown out Christmas should work well now. You could try listening to regular church music, Christmas music, or just plain radio music. The type of music is up to you--if you are into country, that might work well. R&B, rock, and dance/disco music could work for you. Classical works if you are into that type of music. If you are not certain, I suggest listening to several different channels (the wimpy "music" that is found on radio these days is not likely to work). Start with listening to 1980s music--all types of '80s music from dance to rock to hip hop to adult contemporary. Another good starting point is the 1970s. Again, sessions with rock, country, disco, and soul are recommended to find out what works best for you. You might also pick a date (Napster allows you to pick a season and listen to the music that was out during that season). It's about what works best for you.

    And, if you still get a Kingdumb malady in your head, treat it like you did a Christmas song getting in your head in July while you were a witless. Minus the guilt. If you play something else when this happens, chances are good that it will be only sporadic. Yes, I occasionally have this happen to me (and even attempts to assemble the new Kingdumb maladies, which I have never heard). But, playing real music keeps this to a bare minimum--including listening to Christmas songs.

  • nugget

    Think of all those lucky JWs struggling with the new song book they won't remember any of the new tunes or words they are unmemorable.

    Not the old ones though damn ear worm now will have to go stand in a lift for 2 hours to purge my mind.

  • d

    They now have this new song. Here it is tell what you think? The memories I try to drown it out with other music


  • d

    Disregard my Atheist reasoning post. I posted the wrong video there.

  • roxanesophia

    I woke up with the most ironic kingdom melody in my head:

    "This is the way to life, this is the way..."

    No, it really isn't.

    That "Forward you witnesses!" song really kills me. Once that gets stuck, it doesn't budge.

  • unshackled

    Welcome to the forum roxanesophia. What song was that with those "This is the way to life, this is the way..." lyrics? Doesn't ring a bell....

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