Where do you think the US is headed?

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    The U.S is going downhill

  • diamondiiz

    dgp: I understood what you were saying. Each person will have a different reason why to move out or why move to a country of their choosing. But it's good to get all sorts of perspectives before making a huge decision as to move to another country. I'm not saying it's a bad idea to move from US or to move to a developing country, just to know as much as possible about the destination before moving there.

    2pink: Don't panic but be concerned. Many people seem to favor China, I personally don't. I was born in a communist country but mostly grew up in Canada. Chinese people are not Chinese government just as US government doesn't really represent the people of US. It benefited big business to move their factories to China to show greater profits for their shareholders, that they got. Now what? As the western consumers are struggling, Chinese government better hope that their people or someone will step in and pick up the slack or they may have another Libya on their hands. Chinese government restricts usage of internet, they control the people from gathering together and there is not too much you can say about the government out loud. Communist governments are like WTS, you might be happy as long as you don't speak out or state your mind too loud.

    If the west's consumption starts to dry up that means less exports and possible layoffs. China are an export country and need these jobs to keep billion people subjected and quiet!!! Without these jobs they can have a revolution just as US might. At present you still have the freedoms in US that most Chinese only dream of. You heard of elders spying on witnesses, well, communists do that too. While I'm not saying not to move to China, I am saying to look at different problems you may encounter there as well. You mentioned Sydney. Australians may make more than in US but that still doesn't reflect the price of their homes as they stand now. Same can be said about Canada. You have to calculate the costs of everything involved and the possible future of each economy when and if you move to a country of your choice. If the US economy does take a dive, it should affect China and rest of the world which should also put a damper on commodities as well due to lack of demand which may cause loss of jobs in resource rich countries such as Canada and Australia. While the depreciating US dollar may cause commodity prices to continue to move higher the demand may not be there as demand is not the only cause of inflation but currency debasement will cause the rise in commodity prices since most are traded in US dollars.

    Personally I would recommend non communist country that has a decent growing season and a good possibility of earning an income without you being too deeply in debt. My opinion is that what has began in 2008 will last a while until there is a clearing of debt and I am very pessimistic, feeling it will affect all of us. US debt crisis is HUGE and isn't some Greek problem that EU tries to patch up and hope to postpone the default. The derivatives out there are huge problem, where probably many countries will fall and I feel that new reserve currency will emerge, maybe a different global currency structure all together. It's possible the 300 years of freedom as we know it is coming to an end but it's hard to say since it's hard for people to subject themselves to tyrants unless there is no other choice.

    While I brought out enough subjects to discuss for hours if not days I don't want to make this post more complicated than it has to be.

  • Giordano

    I think the USA will do just find. Our debt was higher after WWII then it is now. I think our health and life span has improved and we still lead the world on many levels. Life can be great in this country. Life is great where I live.

    Let me tell you about the place we moved to 8 years ago. It's a small city with 7,000 people, 35,000 total in the overall area. It is a beautiful area, a historic place having been founded in 1740. The country roads are a biker's dream. The streams and rivers are clean, trout streams aplenty, wild game, deer walk into the city especially during hunting season which I find delightful. We have one university with 1300 students and one military school (which after the first year is very liberal arts and engineering). Both schools share some facilities with the city like a five story library and after hours swimming pools. The campus is open, I can visit the museums for free or for a small charge. I can go to concerts and plays and dance or Jazz concerts for free or a small charge. I can audit a variety of classes (with the professor's approval) for free. The restaurants could be better but they are decent. There are a couple of coffee shops, a movie theater and the city library within three blocks of my home. My grandkids will attend K to 5 at a fine public school 2 blocks from our home. It sits above a creek and public walking trail.

    We've lived here eight years and between my wife and I we are good friends with over 200 people. People I didn't know before we moved. I know most of the police, firefighters, city officials and city workers by name or sight. My doctor lives up the street, the mayor lives two doors away. I know and have been invited into the homes of my neighbors.

    People make eye contact (it's not considered a hostile act) and nod to one another on the street. Most of those who are retired contribute their time. They sit on city boards and help with city issues, volunteer at the Free Clinic, the Food Pantry, Hospice, Habitat, Friends of the Library, conservation groups and I've just gotten started. There are many different churches and religious issues don't come up even the witnesses and mormons are laid back The most enthusiastic celebration is Halloween.

    Merchants are honest so to the residents. Doors go unlocked. There's no rush hour and no traffic jams.The weekly newspaper has a crime watch section. At least one DUI, petty theft, a domestic dispute a bad check. Thats about a weeks worth of crime if that. Violent crime not in the 8 years I've lived here. The last vehicle fatality in the city......never. The speed limit is 25 mph and it is enforced, no one beeps their horn. Drunk and reckless drivers are not tolerated nor is violent crime. The schools are decent, safe, clean and not over crowded. This city is located in the Shenandoah Valley in VA . There are 10,000 great small cities through out the USA that you can move to for the kind of life that makes living worth while.

  • kurtbethel

    Where are the guillotines?

    These traitors have brought shame upon America and destroyed its founding principles. Obama, the Bushes, and Clinton are private thieves and criminals who masquerade as public leaders and defenders of the American people. They did not enter government to serve the public and to do good but to bring tyranny and implement an evil agenda.

    It is obvious after one look at Bush, Clinton, and Obama that these men are not sane and normal. Would a loving and healthy individual lie to billions of people about the murder of innocent people and the reasons for America's wars in the Middle East? Only conscienceless and heartless individuals are mentally able to serve the cold-blooded interests of power.

    Somebody like Obama is probably a wounded and sick individual, but George Bush comes from a family of thieves and traitors so he is simply following the family tradition.

    Hopefully there are psychological experts who are studying the behavior of political leaders like Obama, Clinton, and Bush in order to better understand the crisis we are all in because we can't function as a global human society if America's highest political leaders are bloodthirsty and power-craving madmen.

    How can there be peace, order, and security in this world if the top superpower is led by barbaric, violent, and cunning sociopaths who are slaves of higher evil powers?

  • talesin

    More wars -- there's money in that.

    Less money for the poor/working class/middle class.

    More food banks and prisons (oh, right, that's already happened)

    Erosion of city infrastructures

    and Canada is in the same boat. Our Prime Minister is slowly deconstructing our health care system (the first for-profit Cancer Centre just opened on the West Coast this month, and I could have had an MRI a year ago at the for-profit MRI clinic if I had $850, but nope, had 2 wait till last week). I was talking to two young men last night who are training to be insurance salesmen --- health insurance salesmen -- one of the big pitches they will be giving folks is "What if your child gets cancer? Who will pay for it? You NEED insurance for this, or your child may die" *puke*

    --- Since NAFTA, it's all been downhill. Good Ole Boy Brian Mulroney (the most-hated PM in Canada EVER got that ball rolling. The power elite are meeting regularly here, on the East Coast (Clinton, Greenspan, and some powerful Cdns. McKenna, Rowe to name a few), setting up Atlantica, which will fuse our monetary and trade systems. They already have rights to our water and hydro power. *sigh* Just hoping I'm gone by the time my home becomes a part of the US (no offense intended, I love being Canadian,,, love my US cousins, but we are not a "Republic", we are not a capitalist state, and it's a different way of life).


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