Where do you think the US is headed?

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  • 2pink

    since you all are a critical thinking bunch...i thought i'd put this question to you.

    i'm a born and raised US citizen as is my husband. ever since we left the borg almost 2 years ago (wow, time flies when you're finally having fun!), we've paid more attention to politics. we've also come to the realization we are responsible for our own futures, and since we have 3 very young kids, we think about this a lot.

    that said, we dont see a very promising future here in the US. while i realize no country is perfect and many places have things FAR worse than we do, i think that the US is headed in a very bad direction. while i feel many americans are good, moral people, i also feel there is a huge disconnect between the masses and the politicians (could be both a cause and a result of the low voter turnouts!). i feel that the US uses its power to act arrogantly and irrationally and stick its nose in places it ought not. we are like the nosey, interfering asshole next door neighbor that no one likes! and with our ever changing allegiances, i feel we are making enemies right and left. i've traveled a lot internationally and as a younger person, always wondered why i was often treated rudely. now i totally understand. to top off our disastrous foreign policies and actions, we are one trillion dollars in debt. who's gonna want to loan that asshole neighbor a trillion bucks to help them out? no one! and we are letting immigrants pour across the border (i live in CA so am esp sensitve to this). they come here and drain our govt, using all forms of public assistance, then work under the table, pay no taxes and dont even further the economy by spending their money here. they send it "home" to mexico. i recently read somewhere that by 2025, it's predicted that LA will be 45% non-english speaking immigrants.

    sorry, i tend to go off on tangents...anyway, i'm just curious what others' opinions are as to what our future might be here. (US citizens and others!) we rose to the top to become a superpower in just 200 years, i feel that we could be brought down even quicker. there's a saying, something like, "rome wasn't built in a day, but it could burn in a day". i totally feel that is the case here in the US and many citizens are too apathetic to work for and demand change. we've also become so fragmented and opinionated that it seems nearly impossible for anyone to agree on anything, leading to so much intolerance. "conservative" and "liberal" have become derogatory terms, rather than ways of describing those of differing opinions. i think aside from our other issues, a huge challenge facing americans today is whether or not we will choose to transcend differences and re-unite.

    my husband and i are considering emigrating to another more stable country because we are so disillusioned at the way the US looks now. part of me would like that as it would truly be a fresh start for us, but mostly we are just trying to decide what is best for our children's futures.

    what are your thoughts on the US and its future? thanks for reading.

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  • 2pink

    assuming you are serious, , we feel the same way! that combined with the fact that we have virtually no friends left in this small world doesn't lend to a promising future, does it?

  • prophecor

    "The last greatest hope for mankind" was how Ronald Reagen defined America. We were once the greatest country on earth, but or day in the sun is over. Nations come and nations go. America is on its' way out from once being the most powerful country on the planet to a world that has lost it's sense of greatness. Our ideals, charachter and culture have been eroding from within. We no longer believe the Bible has any relevance to our lives, our society is sickly saturated with sex at virtually every turn of the head. Materialism. Buy...Buy...Buy!!! The me first philosophy that has garnered all manner of societal ills. Prostitution. pornography, illicit drug use, abortion on demand, divorce and the list goes on and on.

    We once were a shining city upon a hill, but that light was diffused, as well. America has had the world brought to her feet, only to realise she needs to be brought to her knees and seek God's forgivness for the destructive energy we've unleashed upon the planet. We have our hands in the world affairs of others who we should leave alone. Three wars to attend to and its not going to get any better.

    We are on our way out as leaders of the free world, as we are so caught up in debt, that we will never see our way out of it. China, Russia and other European countries have seen the disasterous effect of how we live and are taking notes, while stepping farther and farther away. Holding their nose as they find the means necessary to bolster their own economies. Mililtarilly speaking, China, Russia, North Korea are making great strides in shuring up their armed forces. We have lots of firepower, but no real will to use it. We are no longer a fighting nation, but have ciollectively become a passive and tollerant society.

    The babyboomer generation has left a massive amount of problem for the next three generations to attempt to solve. Problem is, however, if Christ was not going to return, it would take another 100 years or more for America to regain her balance as a worthwhile society. We don't have 100 years left to get this thing together. Christ has to return. The world, truly can not go on much longer without divne intervention. America and the world has reached a tipping point. We have reached the place of no return.

  • ProdigalSon

    Unlimited greatness after the criminals in Washington past and present are all rounded up and tried for their crimes against humanity.

  • d

    I feel that this country is going downhill. I am only 20 yrs old and I fear for my future.I really do not think anything can be done to salvage this country.

  • Satanus

    Its history is booms and busts, since its beginning, all caused by the machinations of those who control its money supply. As well, the capitalists, who simply use it as a labor pool and as consumers to exploit. Back in the day, when infrastructure was being built, they cashed in on that and came to be called the robber barons. They have refined their robber methods, since then. Maybe, you guys need a giant purge of some kind. Not much chance of that.


  • bohm

    eastward. at a speed of about 2 cm a year i think.

    I believe free markets, democracy and the right of individuals is the best way to go and triumps anything else in the long run. As long as the west hold to those values i am not worried -- and if we do not, we really deserve to fail.

  • Gayle

    Why are people still trying to get into this U.S.A. so much still? I don't see a run going on in any other country yet either? Otherwise, let us know. Civil War brought this country to devastation, but recovered from that. Great depression '29, yet recovered. Recovered from horrible earthquakes, Katrina catastrophes there, devastating things going on, etc. It won't be easy here, never will be. Don't mean to state "where will you go to?" Don't mean to sound like the WTS. I know people go to where things will be better for them and that's good. The earth's populations have been forever migrating and will continue to do so.

    European countries were in devastation over 50 yrs ago, truly a horrible mess. Pretty well, recovered by comparison, but of course still struggles but many things better.

    Sex crazy didn't start in the U.S. Been all over back to 'Old Testment" times too. Family killing family, incest, etc, etc. Some illegal drugs now were bought in pharmacies freely 100+ years ago in this country. In the past, people killing/raping, rampaging by the villages. Smoking (a killer) exists world over, controls are better in some ways and better education on it now-a-days. A lot of health issues and cost/expense,,yet epidemics not like years ago - reason why population explosion of last century. China and eastern countries have had wars, famines in the mega thousands in history but have amazingly recovered. More and more people living longer to their potential, fact is.

    U.S. is in a challenging time,,not exactly so new,,Sometimes, organized religion and government and media makes us just look at all bad things, so creates extreme fear, so we despair, and then government and organized religion and media creates/controls their need by mankind.

    I know there's concerns, certainly but don't think there were some good ole days for this world over all ever.

    When we were brought up or were only allowed to look at all the bad and evil in this world, which there is, but constantly focusing on that is unhealthy. There are so many blessings to appreciate now and sometimes may need to consciously make ourselves review that.

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    Terra Incognita

    "since you all are a critical thinking bunch..."

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