So how are you spending this long weekend?

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  • GLTirebiter

    Bathroom repairs (replaced a faucet, recaulking, etc.)


    Replacing a decrepit back fence--tore down the old today, neighbors and I will work on the new one tomorrow and probably on Monday, too.

    Dropped off donations at the thrift store

    Grilled a cheesburger for dinner

    Miller time!

  • SirNose586

    NOT at the District Convention at Qualcomm Stadium! High five!!!!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Recovering ...

    Otherwise, HS reunion.


  • GLTirebiter

    Well CC, I guess you had quite a tale to tell them at the reunion! Take care!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, TB.

    Actually, given the distance and expense, I did not go. But my friends got the message.

    Take care, my friend.


  • andys

    This weekend I have a 3 day weekend off of work, today on Saturday am relaxing all day then tommrow on Sunday in the morning I go to church after that relax rest of the day also hope it don't flood around here because theres been major flooding here in Montana, tommrow expecting some heavy rain and have Monday off from work so hope Monday comes and don't get flooded out and can relax on Monday since I got the day off from work.

  • jaguarbass

    So far 3 motorcycle rides taking my wife out to unique places around Tampa Bay to eat.

    I watched 2 movies "Hereafter", directed by Clint Eastwood staring Matt Damon. It was a real stinker. I cant believe Clint or

    Matt or Steven Speilberg would be involved with such a piece of trash. It was like some 9th grade junior high student

    got a camera and made a movie.

    Then I watched "I love you Phillip Morris", with Jim Carey, which was much better than "Here after" I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.

    I went to My sons and had Hamburgers, chicken, and Pha a vietnamese soup and visited with his in laws and friends.

    I spent about 2 hours changing strings on a Fender Telecaster guitar. I thought it would be a 10 minute project. It never takes 10

    minutes. I have 30 guitars and they all have little nuances that make them unique. I had to drill and pound the strings out of the

    Telecaster and replace some washers. I broke 3 strings, changing strings, most of my guitars have holes in the tuning pegs but 2 of my

    Fenders have slots, the slots always give me a hard time. They are like 1950's technology.

    I went swiming or lounged around in the pool with my wife for about an hour.

    I watched Modern family, Big Bang Theory, and Rules of Engagement. My wife records them and we watch them together

    at our convenience.

    My 3 day weekend started Thursday night. I have to go back to work Sunday night.

    I rarely ever get a 3 day weekend, I just lucked out this week. They made me work 16 hours last Sunday night and they

    are too cheap too pay overtime so they flexed me off, told me to stay home Thursday night.

    I cut the grass too.

  • Dagney

    TV (recorded catchup), started cleaning pantry, TV, continue sorted closet, washed down patio and trimmed plants, went to Apple store to exchange Ipod, went to In and Out, worked more on pantry, mopped floor, started restoring Ipod, TV, bed.

    Tomorrow, more of same I reckon.

  • Lozhasleft

    Friday night was performing in a 'showcase' for our University...recovering yesterday, but was glued to the European Championship football when sadly our beloved ManUtd got beaten, last night.

    Today's plan was to go over to nearby town to enjoy its music festival, but weather is tricky and I woke with a temp and a sore throat so it's looking doubtful.

    Meanwhile, we're surrounded by packing boxes while we wait for the keys for our new flat ... every day more gets packed up and I expect today will be no different !

    Happy Holiday Weekend everyone

    Loz x

  • Curtains

    watched the match yesterday (football - manchester united v barcelona). But am revising, revising today and tomorrow - exam in 2 weeks.

    no meetings till it is over. Major building works start next door on Tuesday 31 May - need to get myself some earplugs.

    happy holiday weekend y'all.

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