What Did You Not Do Because You Were A Jehovah's Witness That You Wanted To Do?

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  • FirstLastName

    I would have dated - which was not allowed until you were "marriage - able" age" since the only reason to date was to get married. I also would have loved to be on the dance/cheer team in school. I was good at sports and would have liked to be on a team while in school.

    I wanted to wear a skirt that was not below my knees. I wanted to get a birthday card. I wanted to sleep in on a Saturday morning and not go out in service - I think JW kids are the ONLY people happy to be sick on a Saturday morning - so they did not have to go in service - its hard enough being a teenager - now take the pimple faced teenager, put them in an ankle length skirt with religious materials in their hands and force them to approach strangers and start a conversation about how the world is gonna end !!!

    I think I was just venting at the end there....but you get the idea.


  • sabastious
  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Something else I wanted to mention now that I thought of it, was missing out on whatever social scene that didn't involve JWs. I mentioned dating and some of you did too, but even beyond simply dating, to just hang out with nonJWs without feeling the need to look over my shoulder would have been nice. Missed out on friendships, and potential relationships. There was a guy I worked with named Chad, one of the nicest dudes I've ever known. Perfect example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. He had a nose ring, multiple tattoos, and actually ended up with an article in a popular tattoo magazine. One day after I quit that job, we linked up and ate dinner somewhere. I wasn't even a Ministerial Servant at the time, but still I felt uncomfortable hanging out with him, like I was sinning for eating dinner with a worldy nonJW. We lost touch, mostly because of my own issues with this retarded stupid religion. Meanwhile those cocksucker jackasses up in Bethel were hanging out as honorary members of the UN, in the UN's library, and filing Friend of the Court briefs on behalf of Jimmy Swaggart. How's that for association? Hypocritical phony faithful discreet slave, what a joke.

  • av8orntexas

    I have up football and track. Two of my cousins went on to play at the same major university. One winning a national title, and the other is currently in the NFL. My mother ( I think unknowingly ) re-opens and pours salt in an old wound,always telling me about the latter and that he was down visiting or on TV. I'm very happy for him,and don't begrudge him. But it serves as a reminder of possiblities that I have shoved waaaay back into my mind. A few friends have also gone on to major schools as well. My coaches called our house endlessly.

    I want to thank the elders for stepping in and 'helping' my mother see the dangers of football per 1 Corithians 15:33 For me that was tough at the time. I played since I was a kid and then suddenly had the rug pulled from under me as a Senior. The letters stopped coming and coaches were pretty at a loss as to what my 'deal' was.

    Turned down possible dates and girlfriends. I mean,how do explain to someone you can't be out late because you have to gon in service Saturday morning ? Whaaaaaaat ??

    Did no prom,no dances. Nothing.

    I eventually entered college ( on my own dime ). I was a good student as well. I mean why let someone offer you a fully-paid 4 -year ride,when you can stock inventory at CompUSA,eat ramien noodles, and try to pull the money out of your a$% ? I then left college,because as I was ALWAYS told why invest in college or satans system when it will not be around in the near future ? So I worked part-time at my current job for at least 7 years ( when I could have been working FT ) in order to schedule work around my meetings. What a waste of my time and life !

    I'm currently saving and looking at houses. I was advised that buying a house would be a bad investment in this system by at least 2 brothers. They said I wouldn't want to get into that kind of debt. Plus the friends may see it as materialistic. I now realize who gives a SH^% what the friends think or would have thought.

    I've worked at an airline for the past 10 years,but have limited myself to traveling much,because the time could be better spent in service. That, and back when I was going,I was told the brothers need to 'see' you at the hall or know whats going on with you if you're away from the hall.

    As a recent thread spoke about. These people are dream killers and will suck the life out of you. Literally.

    If you're not careful your life can past you by in a blink before you know what happened. Thank god I'm in my 30's, I still have time to save some of my life.

  • Reality79

    Have friends outside the crazy organisation cos lord knows my college mates were WAY better than those jokers in the hall.

  • Iamallcool

    play high school basketball, I was a very talented basketball player, my peers at high school was pressuring me to play for them, but my parents say NO!

  • fortis et liber
    fortis et liber

    * Didn't celebrate holidays

    * Wasn't allowed to have any friends outside of the Witlesses

    * Didn't date

    * Couldn't go to college

    * Wasn't allowed to think for myself

    * Wasn't afforded the freedom to dream of what my life could be had I a 'normal' non-cultish childhood

    Those are a few that spring immediately to mind...

    ~ Fortis

  • pirata

    Minimus, we also need a "What did you do because you were a Jehovah's Witness that you otherwise would not have done" thread.

  • FollowedMyHeart

    Date, go to prom and take drama class. College, now that I'm older. The idea of it, at the time, scared me to death.

  • d

    I did not date. I was socially akward as a teenager, I could not watch R rated movies even if was mature.I had a limited number of friends.I missed my senior prom but whatever.I do not do birthdays or holidays.I also could not do student goverment or vote in the 2008 elections. I felt weird talking about my religion to my classmates I got made fun in school most of the time and often I had a lot of pent up anger. But I think this site is helping to release all the anger.

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