What Did You Not Do Because You Were A Jehovah's Witness That You Wanted To Do?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    (one might opine that Lost Generation may have escaped the Watchtower, but he's still delusional).

    Or at least bi-sexual.

    He wanted to "do": Jerry, Jordan, & John

  • william hahn
    william hahn

    Hell thats the biggest "hit" or should i say "wish" list i have ever seen.You really were deprived maybe better than being depraved but thats more fun.

    I miss never just being "normal" just making friends for the pure joy of friendship not potential recruits.

  • purpleplus

    I didn't formally introduce my then fiance' to my family

    I didn't have a real wedding.

    I met my non JW husband while I was in the Borg. Even though the vast majority of my family are not JW's, I kept our courtship from them because people talk. As a result we got married at a court house with a few relatives present. If I could do it over, we would have had a real, yet small, wedding. Grrrrrr!!!

  • loosie


  • lisaBObeesa

    Trick or Treat. I REALLY wanted to Trick or Treat...

    I mean COME ON! How much fun does that look like?

    Oh and the Prom. I really, really wanted to go to the Prom...

  • Palimpsest

    Long way to go for a corny joke, LostGeneration. ;)

    I wish I'd had fun as a teenager. I don't have many good teenage stories like so many of my friends do. And, of course, dating earlier.

  • JonathanH

    Alot of stupid things when I was a teenager, mostly videogames or books that I didn't play or read because they were spiritistic or violent or something else that disagreed with the society.

    Have a normal teenage life, date girls, go to parties, have fun.

    Didn't become a scientist or get a degree in a scientific field (working on rectifying that now)

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    When I was in high school, I really wanted long hair like Bono's.

    I also wanted to join the military. I had fantasies about being a Navy SEAL.

  • sizemik

    Flying Aeroplanes and jumping out of them . . . it was the love of my life

  • minimus

    I used to play the "war game" chess and then an AWAKE! article said it was bad. So I stopped playing chess until it all died down and quietly went about my business winning chess games again.

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