Can we get to know each other now?

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  • ColdRedRain

    I'm 21, 5'10, 180 lbs:

    I live in Minneapolis, MN

    I'm mixed with black and Asian Indian mostly, with some Arabian, French :(,English, and Native American blood.

    I get people to sign up for credit cards as a profession.

    My hobbies include watching sports (Hockey, Basketball, Football, Baseball) and playing sports (Basketball and Football.) Favorite food: Sushi. Favorite Drink: Harlem Screwdriver (Orange Kook-Aid and Vodka) Favorite Color: Black

    Grew up in the Borganization, but never was baptized. Faded out in 2002

    I'm interested in learning about every religious ideas and philosiphies, even paganism and witchcraft (Speaking of which, I found out the name Yahweh can be used in a spell.)

    I have no pets, and I'm not currently in a relationship. I just want to take some time off of feeling a mutual attraction.

  • obiwan

    I'm 34

    married, no kid's (not that I know of at least)

    Two dogs one cat

    I live in Michigan

    I grew up a dub and df'd in 1990

    I had questions about the wts since childhood. Past events in the last three years have answered my questions. I have also come to a realization about the wts that shook me to the core.

    I now have freedom from the wts and the heavy burden that it puts on it's members.

  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    I'm a 37-year-old male who like long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners...wait. :)

    I'm an engaged divorcee, no kids yet, in Portland OR US. I have a cactus, simultaneously as my pet and my concession to houseplants.

    I work at home and the only TV show I watch is The Daily Show. I make good stirfry and I am learning to play indoor soccer (that's football to you, Simon:)

    Oh, raised WTS and out about 16 years.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I can only say that I have known Victor from meeting him personally at an apostofest. I also know he has a few complaints from people that he has agreed to "psychologize". He is NOT a certified psychologist from the state of texas, where he lives. Sure. he's a certified psycholinguist.. but he is NOT had the studies or the degree to certify him as a psychologist. I also know that he is MARRIED, and he doesn't often make that point known. I met his wife in 1999.

    We were at an apostofest. and he actually avoided his wife and went for one of his "patients." While his wife was in the next room, he attempted to have an affair with one of his patients. I was there, I know. Victor, remember Leslie? She reported your behavior to the board? Just bringing it up before you seduce any of these other loving ladies into your web.


  • xjw_b12

    CountryGirl: Excuse me, but...............................HUH?

  • obiwan

    Guess you had to be there.

  • frenchbabyface

    OK first :

    Well I have to check all of yours ... (gotta come back to take my time for it ... to be able to remember ... Not now cause I have lots of stuffs to READ about you, almost every post by the title when it appear on my screan (Too much I would say) BUT ... I'm just sorry that I can't answer to every one of it ... Every kind, BUT I'M READING !!!)

    2) Ok … my name is Corinne, I am 36 black female, the MOTHER of a 21 old SON named Anthony. No pets (but do love CATS a lots) Music is my soulmate ... I love ...(too long sorry)

    I’m an “In charge of missions - manager” by profession Went to school till 14 years only – (they threw me away – cause I was pregnant) don’t have any degree. And I didn’t feel like to go back to school AT ALL !

    I’ve quite my last position because I couldn’t stand them ANYMORE …

    I’ve take sabbatical year to SEE what’s all aroundb ... Ended in August

    I’m living on my insurance right now (was and still are working hardly but happyfully, on a project to see what can come out of it - should go back to it but I'm reading - and BELIEVE ME it helps me A LOT !!!) but have to stick here in

    I don’t want to work for anybody anymore … but do I have the choice ? … I GUESS NOT !

    So now to me it’s only about working on an INTERESTING PROJECT or find A BOSS that I like to work with.


  • integ

    I am a member of the Governing Body of Jehovahs Witnesses. I am 120 years old, I pee in my pants, drink prune juice, have visions, take anti depressants, masturbate frequently, think it's funny to make up new rules for my 6 million worshippers to follow, don't know much about this new internet thing, and I think vibrating butt plugs are the best thing since inflatable gay jay dolls. Nice to meet you.

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