Can we get to know each other now?

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  • Sirona


    OK, I'm 26, female, living in UK (England). I have a boyfriend, and I have two cats, no children. I work as a marketing coordinator for a software company. I'm just about to buy my own house (probably move in in September).

    My mum, brother, uncle, aunt and cousins are JW. I've been out of the borg for just over 2 years, and I'm now a pagan. My hobbies are reading, mensa, walking, yoga, wicca study classes, watching buffy (by the way, Willow's version of wicca is not realistic!) and studying psychology (doing a degree....I had to have time off recently because of my health, but I'm going back to that soon).


  • SpiceItUp

    Great post to revive...btw....

    I am 25, female, l live in FL. I have 1 cat, no children or boyfriend. I left the JW's when I was 17 w/o ever being baptised. My parents and sister are JW's. I work for the school district in my area in a secretarial position. I spend my free time with friends, the local artists (including but not limited to the painters and musicians), practicing my guitar and writing. I am very interested and practice in many pagan activities (astrology, tarot, native american ceremonies etc).


  • Billygoat

    This is an oldie but a goody! Thanks for bringing this back up! goes...

    I'm 30, living in Dallas Texas with my two doggies Henry and Mandy. My birthday is on August 7th, which incidentally is the next Dallas Apostofest, so please come visit us! I am engaged to a wonderful man, Neil, who is 27 and has two cats, Mugsy and Misty. We are getting married on October 5th and plan on taking a naked...uh, I mean...long honeymoon somewhere with a beach. I'm originally from Honolulu, where my JW parents and younger brothers live and pioneer. I've been out since 1990 when I was disfellowshipped and I've been on this board for a little over a year now. I am a Christian and very active in my church. My biggest passion right now is helping others understand that us Christians aren't always a bad lot.

  • MegaDude

    I am 42, and also am privileged to live in the same city as Billygoat aka the future Mrs. Mozzer. My birthday is June 19th. I am single. I like cats and dogs, beer, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, movies, computer games, sailing, scuba diving, cooking, hiking in the woods, and fraternizing with apostates. My dad was in the Air Force so we moved all over the United States, and I lived in England and Germany. I have three sisters who are out of the JWs, and a mother and brother still in. I too have been on this board for about a year. I call myself a Christian but I am probably the most unbiased Christian you'll ever meet except perhaps for Billygoat. I still submit to man-made organizations because Valis is my District Overbeer, but I think I've come a long way since the JWs. My hobbies are psychology, spirituality and religion, traveling, cooking. I call myself MegaDude because I went through a stressful marriage and divorce and unpleasant exit from the JWs and ate myself up to nearly 300 pounds. Today I hit 237!!!!!! Yeah, baby, yeah! Soon I will be the Poster Formally Known as MegaDude.

  • Billygoat

    Ooh. I forgot I love Ben and Jerry's too. Chunky Monkey, Phish Food, and Cherry Garcia. Hmmm. I also love sushi, steak, and Neil's grilled shrimp. One of these days I'll try scuba and sailing too, but until then I'll stick with camping and taking my doggies on walks.

  • MegaDude

    Oh my God. Neil's Shrimp. Sadly, my current diet does not permit that Grilled Seafood of The Gods. But you can bet the day after I reach my target weight, I'm heading to the market for some jumbo shrimp, a pound of thin-cut bacon, and a fist full of japalenos!

    Damn, this protein bar ain't cutting it today.

  • endoftheline

    Somewhat quiet on this board, and still labeled as a nwbe - I also hail from the PeeDee state (SC), have one toddler, and one due any minute by my wife of seven years (the same one that I got whacked 4). I have two dogs, three cats (1 is AWOL right now), and was born in the Truth. I currently get my mail in New England.

    Currently, my lament is my mother's inability to put the @#* that NY tells them to do behind her and just unconditionally love her grands. I have been listening to many excuses as to why she cannot come see her new grand enter the world ("no money, busy at home, kids need watering, the sky is falling, blah blah blah").

    I enjoy playing with my son, remodeling my home, anything to do with sports, and saying my hi to my wfe when our paths cross on the stairs. I presently work with the night owls, so I peruse this while the rest of you are snoring softly. Keep up the good work in assisting those that have been wronged by the cult that we too were once trapped within.


  • Xena

    Frenchie I didn't know you were in the Dallas area! Why don't we see you at the apostatefests there?????

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Lookee here!!

    Gawd you are such a Southerner

    Thanks. Born and bred. Actually I was born in the Ozarks of Missouri, so I get to say "show me" a lot.

    Vital stats:

    6'2" 225 lbs. (I'm working on it!)
    Married with two squids and two basset hounds
    Age 40
    Live in the Dallas area, so ..... HOWDY FOLKS!

  • jurs

    What a fun post. I'm 35 and married with 2 daughters who are 13 and 12. I've been a hairstylist for 9 months and my buisness is really starting to take off. I'm pretty excited about that. I have a cabin at Grand Lake and thats where I most like to be. I enjoy skiing, snowmobiling and reading. Both my daughters play basketball and I confess to be one of those obnoxious parents who yell at the referee and take the sport way too serious. God , its so much fun!!! I wish I would have played!!


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