Can we get to know each other now?

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  • waiting

    I've picked up a little about each of us on the DB, but we're a reclusive little group, aren't we?

    Well, my picture won't be going up any time soon, but I'll put out some personal information and hopefully others will too. Makes chatting more fun, don't you think?

    I'm a woman, 3 grown great kids, 4 dogs, 2 old cats, huge flower garden. My husband & I have been married for 20 years, both in the Truth many years.

    From a previous post, under the influence of caffine, I have a colorful mental past. On several other sites, there is a therepist, former JW, named Victor, who I really enjoying reading with.

    South Carolina is a nice state and the politians just voted to remove the Confederate Flag from the State House yesterday. And people say the South is backwards - little do they know.......

    Come share - that's the way people become friends!

  • Jokemyster

    nice to meet you,,I am female 48 three daughters and three grandchildren live in Washington State, been married my spouse more than chocolate..hmmmmmmm lets see I have three dogs, one is a mini Pom, one is a deer face Chihuahhuah and one is a mini Chihuahhuah, I snowmobil in the winter, bike ride in the summer, camp, hike...and enjoy life..and I come into sites like this to make you least so far no one has kicked me out, been kicked out of several for asking to many questions , and at least here I am allowed to start a thread without being "put in my place by bro Snively"...
    I am woman hear me ROARRRRRRRRRRRRR (lol)

  • Scorpion

    I am 42, married to a fantastic woman. We have three kids, 10 boy,12,14 girls. The girls are A students in school. My boy is getting there. Two Turtles, Mr T is between 80-90 years old and loves people. You can feed this guy right out of your hand and he follows looking for more hand outs. Jake is the other turtle. He is only about 10 years old. I call him speedy. He is the fastest turtle I have ever seen. He never walks when he moves, he always runs. We also have a rabbit called Buttercup. We thought it was a female when it was young but soon found out otherwise. He to is very friendly. We live in California. Jehovah has been good to us and has blessed us greatly.

  • waiting

    WOW! This is so cool! I already have a mental image of all these animals -- not that I fixate on animals or anything.

    However, I have a white, 110 German Shepherd named Blue and 3 little dauchshunds, Stumpy, Ginger and Bonnie Bonita Nina. My cats really aren't worth talking about because they're really lacking in the personality department.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Okay, here goes. I live in New England, have been married for 25 years, and have one daughter, 22.

    I enjoy writing children's stories (none published so far....maybe someday), various crafts, reading, websurfing, and taking care of my animals.

    I have three horses...a Thoroughbred (my daughter's, actually), a grade horse (my husband's), and a Peruvian Paso (who is responsible for my DB name).

    We also have three dogs--a 20-lb Pomeranian (Pomasaurus), a Cairn terrier, and a Welsh Corgi. Six finches, two chinchillas, and goldfish. Then there are the eight cats, three of which were recently ferals that I've socialized. All of them have personality plus! :)

    A picture any time soon is probably unlikely, since I'm usually the one behind the camera.

  • Simon

    This is like the start of a quiz show..."tell us a little about yourself"
    OK...I'm 33, married for 5 years to Angharad with two boys Liam (3) and Dylan (1).
    We're in the UK...Old England
    I'm a software/web developer (hence the forum) and it's my hobby as well - sad or what ?

  • Ozzygal

    I'm a 35yr old female, married to an unbeliever... but he's a wonderful man. No kids, no pets. No family left in the truth. My mother became inactive quite a few years ago.

  • waiting

    This is really great - glad to meet y'all!

    SC - What kind of turtle (and how big) gets that old? You're really going to have to tell us more about those turtles of yours.

    I've always felt that animals were an important part of being alive, I don't believe I've ever been without one. They like you no matter what - well, I don't know about turtles.

  • Frenchy

    I'm from Louisiana although I'm currently residing in the Dallas Texas area. I'm a displaced Cajun amongst all these Texans! I don't have any pets but I love animals. I've done a little horseback riding when I was younger but it's been a long time since I've been on one. I speak the Cajun French (cannot read and write it very well but enough to appreciate Spec's poem)which is my first language.

    I've been 'in the truth' virtually all my life but I've been having some nagging doubts for a long time now. I've served as an elder for many years now and in almost all capacities including P.O. I've been involved on the Circuit and District level.

    And for the first time in many many years I am now inactive. It's been a rough ride for me.

  • Seven

    Frenchy, Laissez les bon temps roulez! This is the
    only phrase I know.


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