Can we get to know each other now?

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  • jurs

    What a fun post. I'm 35 and married with 2 daughters who are 13 and 12. I've been a hairstylist for 9 months and my buisness is really starting to take off. I'm pretty excited about that. I have a cabin at Grand Lake and thats where I most like to be. I enjoy skiing, snowmobiling and reading. Both my daughters play basketball and I confess to be one of those obnoxious parents who yell at the referee and take the sport way too serious. God , its so much fun!!! I wish I would have played!!


  • waiting

    Man.............I was such a rookie!

    One of the Old Ones (like me) suggested that these old threads be locked so that newbies wouldn't snicker at how green we were Back Then.

    But reading back was kinda cool. Soooo many people. There's actually about half dozen of these kind of threads around here. "Hello? Hello? Hello? (done twice & about 8 pages long, each.)

    Perhaps time to start another? Whatcha say, Tex? Wanna be the man to do it?

    Hey Jurs, aren't you in Norway (or have I gotten you confused with another poster?)


  • LyinEyes

    Hi to Frenchy, I am also from Louisiana, but I am a yankee ....... I live Northwest LA, around Shreveport. Ah yeah, we have the crawfish , mudbugs, up this way too, I adore them and find myself craving them , dipped in melted butter and cocktail sause, very spicey. We have bayous up this way, gorgeous spanish moss dripping out the the trees, frogs and crickets singing in the summer night. Lightening bugs,flashing, barefoot children, 100's of backroads you get lost in because they all look alike, millions of honeysuckle in the spring that will freeze you in your tracks because of the intense , thick sweet smell. Ah sorry, I got a little lost in the memory of springtime here in Louisiana.
    We have daffodils growing already, my daughter picked them and they are in a mason jar on my window .

    I know some folks down from around Alexandria, Houma, Golden Meadows, around the Lafayette areas. Some from up my way, were from down there.

  • pr_capone

    Hello, my name is Eric and I am in Wichita, Kansas. I'm 22 years old and have been borg free for just over a year. I currently work at ADT Fire and Security. I have no girlfriend nor any children to tell about so I will tell you just a bit about me. I grew up in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. I am fully bi-lingual and LOVE to dance. Swing is the dance I dance the most but I am also proficient in Merengue. I keep as company a kitty by the name of Felix. He is a fat little thing but he loves me.

    Thats it I guess... ohhh.... and I will be in Dallas for the apostafest!


  • waiting

    hey pr!

    I've seen your posts - nice to finally meet you. Bi-lingual, eh? lol - the running joke is that Americans are known for one language....and we use that one quite loosely.

    Hope others click onto this ol' thread.........


  • jurs


    You have me confused with someone else. I live near Denver in Colorado.


  • hamptonite21

    I am a 28yr male, Out of the borg about 4yrs and havent wasted a second experiencing life. I work for a mortgage company where I am a wholesale rep. and I also Bartend. (Great way to meet the ladies) I live on the east end of Longisland NY. Im currently dating but the only woman that is worthy to speak of is my dog Princess- shes a greyhound.

    I am sick of the snow that we have gotten this year and can wait for the sun so I can start playing in the Hamptons!

  • waiting

    hey jurs,

    Sorry, I confuse easily. I was thinking you're a pretty woman from Norway. Glad to meet you officially anyway!

    Hi Hamptonite,

    My aunt lives out your way, I think. She's sick of winter too. But I think MOST people are sick of winter.....even southeners. Got massive rain comin' in here tomorrow. Yesterday was great though. Ah well.


  • lisavegas420

    I am 41, married, 10 years in August, (this is my 3rd marriage) 2 children, son, Patrick 18, and a daughter, Brandi 23, two granddaughters, Heaven 5 and Sky 7 months. Husband is 18 years older them I am. But the most wonderfuld man I have ever met. He never was a JW. But is constantly amused by what I tell him. He understands a little but only because he was raised in a very strict religion (Old Time Regular Baptist)

    I was disfellowshiped in my early 20's, reinstated, then lived in sin. but didn't go to the JC meeting so I just assumed I've been disfellowshipped. Especially since my parents haven't and won't speak to me.


  • wednesday

    I'm in late 40's , 5'5", irish/french descent, been married to Billy jack since i was 17. by the time we were 30 , had nothing in common. We had both changed so much. But we stayed together b/c of the "truth", and the kids, and with some hard work, we have fallen back in love. I am so happy.

    I have children,grandchildren. If anyone has a Barbie jeep or corvette they want to sell, pls let me know.

    I love the music of Meat loaf, and got to meet him not to long ago. I love to watch "talk" shows, and am interested in politics and whatever makes the world go round.

    .I worked professinallly for a number of years, but currently am not able to work.

    I have been inactive for some time. Sunday, a brother made a SPECIAL effort to change lanes so to avoid being anywhere near me.i I have tried to pick up the bible or other material and read, but i get nauseous. My husband does not go to meeting either, but he still defends it, and tires of me complaining about it. I noticed there were 2 threads about this .

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