Over 40 Lady and want a tatoo, What do you think?

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  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    LOL @ Granny

    The only thing I have about tattoos is that everyone seems to be getting one. I like to be different

  • Jadeen

    If you want something unique, draw something yourself, have an artist friend draw it, or ask the tattoo artist to sketch something out.

  • ambersun

    Well, from a mother's point of view (as I am old enough to be your mom) I agree with mouthy that there may be risks involved and to look into it very carefully before making a final decision, but you said you only want to get a small tattoo so I shouldn't think that would cause much harm if done by a qualified tattooist, and a little flower on your shoulder would look pretty.

    I also think - hey, you only live once and after years of denial as a JW, if it is really what you want then go for it girl!! You are certainly not too old!!

    Isn't it wonderful to be free to live life and have fun !!!

  • LouBelle

    The thing with tattoos is what you think about it. What I suggest you do is also have a hena one done first in the postion you want and then check it out of the next few days, see if you are comfortable with it. If so and it's what you really want.....go for it.

    I have one of a black widow on my left shoulder blade area and have 3 in the works, looking for the right tattoo artist and position.

  • clarity

    I'm with Grace on this one. The chances of contracting hepatitus from a contaminated needle are pretty good .... hence the licensing thing. But, that doesn't make the tattoo artist beyond error.

    Funny, my impression when seeing a back or chest fully covered in ink .... I wonder how they can breathe. ...no really, the skin is an organ after all, not just wrapping paper.

    Chose wisely


  • moshe

    My daughter is 33 and has no tattoos- she is proud to have unblemished skin- she is the one who is unique in her age group now and most of the girls she knows have at least one tattoo they now regret getting, she told me. Would an angel go out and get a tattoo?- so why mess with your perfect body?

  • mrquik

    Finally, at 59, I got my first. It's a traditional heart & ribbon with MOM on it. She died last year & held the party line that they were inappropriate. I'd like to think deep inside she'd of gotten a kick out of it. If you get one, spend some money on a nice one, it's going to be with you a while.

  • undercover

    I have conflicting thoughts on tattoos.

    Personally, even though I've thought about it and actually know the design I would want, I've decided against it. I am too old and I fight just to stay in shape enough to not be embarrassed when I take my shirt off, let alone show off my body as a canvas for ink. If I had left the JWs ten years earlier, I might have gone the other way and had it done.

    But I have some friends with great ink. It's a lifestyle for them. Always adding to their canvas. And that's another reason I decided not to. I'm not that dedicated to any one thing, be it style, fashion, music, whatever. What's in style today, may not be next year. Clothes you can change. Hair styles you can change. Ipod playlists you can change. Tattoos are different. They're basically permanent.

    Another reason I decided against it. People I know who started getting tattoos a decade or so ago, are now aging and so are their tattoos. They're "bleeding". Not as crisp. Not as bright. And their bodies are changing. Tattoos of Elvis or Cash don't look like Elvis or Cash anymore. Not even the fat Elvis. Flames have "bled" to being fuzzy flames. Flowers are dying. Ships are sinking into folds of flesh that didn't use to be there. It's like a hurricane on the belly of a fat man.

    But, those are my reasons for not doing so. It's my body, I chose not to. I have friends who get new tattoos from time to time and I do not criticize their choice. It's their body. If they view it as a canvas to ink, it's their right and I always admire their new ink when it's done.

    If you choose to get inked, it's your right, your choice. And I will admire it if you show it off to us.

  • SouthCentral

    Always get a tatoo that you can cover up as needed. No tear-drops on the eyes or Mike Tyson style eye symbols. You are only as old as u feel. As I approached my 40's I thought that life was over. I connected with a group of worldly classmates that live to the full!! They were a very bad, I mean good influence on me!!

    I personally like the "Tramp Stamp" with G-string panties (not on me though) that looks good on any woman (except for the nursing home I guess)


  • mouthy

    I agree with undercover. My Father was dating a girl in his young life "VIOLET"
    He had it tattooed on his arm...He married Winnifred!!!when he was 78 it
    didnt look like Violet a all!!!folks used to ask him"WHAT is that"?
    my Mum would answer "Hussy"!!!Yes the flesh sags!!!!Just come visit me!!!!
    Folks sometimes think I am a male,Because my breasts are VERY LOW!!
    I know I am bad!!!!

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