She shows too much cleavage. What should I say to her?

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  • Morbidzbaby

    Well that's a's fun!

  • Iamallcool

    I prefer to be moving than sitting all day.

  • poopsiecakes

    I do not fish.

    I call bullshit - there are very few around here as adept as you are at fishing for attention...

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Post her picture and we will give you our expert opinion on whether she shows too much or not!


  • WontLeave

    Somebody here was a JW, because he feels a need to seek the constant approval of others and is unable to make any decisions without the answer being handed to him. Ask the elders of your local Kingdom Hall. I'm sure they can point you to some Watchtower articles that micromanage this exact situation, seeing as the Writing Department is under the impression the drooling idiots who make up the congregations are holding their collective breath for them to weigh in every conceivable aspect of everybody's life. ...and sadly, they're right.

  • nugget

    Unless you are her boss and her dress is inappropriate, or you are her boyfriend and she asks your opinion then she will not thank you for expressing an opinion or judging her.

    Buying her a top is just creepy

  • Galileo

    I would definitley tell this woman that you met yesterday to change how she dresses. I would then hand her a list of other things she should change in order to be worthy of dating you, along with things you will and won't do sexually and what you expect from her in this respect. Women love to know who's in charge. Good luck.

  • Iconoclast
    Unless you are her boss and her dress is inappropriate, or you are her boyfriend and she asks your opinion then she will not thank you for expressing an opinion or judging her.

    Agreed! But I'm serious. I've stopped dressing so provocativly because a guy I really liked was uncomfortable with it. Really. But he just talked to me. He just told me that he loves the way I dress but he would like a little covering. And I did it while I was dating him and it stayed with me till I was married to him. Still am married to him. But I really respected his opinion and if he was uncomfortable, then I was uncomfortable. Even today, when we go out and I wear something he doesn't really like, he'll say "Am I gonna get in a fight tonight with another guy?" And then I go change. I like to be seen as attractive but I don't like to be gawked at like I used to be when I was single.

    But if it bothers you that much, just talk to her as an adult and MAKE IT TACTFUL! Seriously. As soon as you say something negative about the situation, she's gone.

    I heard a great definition of tactful. It is "To make someone feel at home even though you wish they were."

    Make her feel at home in the conversation and that the conversation isn't about her cleavage (because, be honest, it's about you and your lack of self esteem about her feelings to you and your relationship). But if she respects you, chances are, she'll change.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    You posted this just to rib us, particular women. Right? The problem is so many JW men actually believe they have control.

    You will never, ever know what it is like to give birth. I don't know why men feel they have any rights over women. Gloria Steinem wrote a brilliant piece in Ms. entilted "When Men Menstruate." Blood letting would be more impt than the Super Bowl. Men would brag about what size Kotex they needed.etc.

  • mrsjones5

    I just looked it up BOTR, what a hoot! I'm gonna make it a topic.

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