Men are Adorable!

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    Robdar, what you wrote confirms what I've often felt - that whether we want to admit it or not, women need men and men need women. And I'll add that most women need the men in their lives to be men. That doesn't necessarily mean they need to be mechanically inclined, but I think they need men to act like men. On the man's part, that means, mainly, being responsible and reasonably attentive. I say "reasonably" attentive because some men, like myself, are just naturally distracted by other things. Sometimes we're not always in tune to a woman's thinking. But that doesn't mean we don't care - nor does it excuse us from making an effort.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I've met some adorable guys in my 52 plus years on this planet. I would be hard put to imagine this planet without them.

    Robyn, I am glad to hear you're safe. Let us know how your trip out to help has gone.

  • trevor

    What a wonderful thread! It is nice to be appreciated. My wife once wrote on an anniversary card, 'You've rescued me so many times.'

    It still moves me to think that she chose to spend her life with me, when my entire family shuns me. She could have had anyone she wanted. She tells me she did. It has been 29 years now.

    It is a privilege and a responsibility to share love. I gambled on love and won. She is the only person, apart from my older brother, who never let me down.

    Just wanted to share.

  • VampireDCLXV

    A great big bear-hug for you, Robdar. (((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) This really is a great thread!

    It's so rare these days to hear about women appreciating the male of the species for what he really is. I find it really heartbreaking when I hear about women who have had mostly negative experiences with men and thus aren't able to feel anything more than a superficial friendliness towards them.

    Oddly enough, most of my friends are female as I find males a little bit harder to connect with. Perhaps I am more in touch with the feminine side of things than most guys and I am frustrated at time when my fellow males tend to be a little bit "thick" when it comes to what women think, feel and like about things. I like to fancy myself as a champion of the female side. I tend to be quite comfortable when I'm among a group of ladies who are just sitting and chatting and I enjoy the discussions they have. I've been led to believe that, on some level, I can understand the female kind better than most guys.

    That being said, I can talk about camshaft lobe profiles, ignition timing and final drive gear ratios with the best of them. I'm also the handyman type, having replaced my broken hot water heater all by myself not that long ago. I'm also the consummate computer hardware and gadget geek.

    I like women to be female and feminine... to a point. If a woman is the delicate "princess" type and is hardly capable or motivated to do much of anything for herself, it can be a real turnoff. OTOH, I also find it hard to like women who have little appreciation for more feminine things and are far too tomboyish and "butch". I think that the best women are the ones who have a balanced perspective of things both martian and venutian, as it were.

    Again, many thanks to you, Robdar. You're an awesome lady.


  • Robdar

    We have so many sweet people on this db. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and touching my heart. We are having to power down occasionally in order to perform maintenance on the generator. I hope we have electricity restored soon. I will pop in when I can to read more of your responses.

    Hugs to all.


  • purplesofa


    Heres to healing your city

    you might need this though

    The pics and personal accounts are horrific, heroic, hopeful, inspiring.

    Glad to hear you and family...and cats were safe.


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