Men are Adorable!

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    Why didn't somebody tell me that timeing belts were the secret to a woman's heart?

    She talks about the grandfather stage and how rewarding men find it to be

    Yup. Our Granddaughter lives with us. It is great, although my wife and I keep finding ourselves saying that we were a lot younger the last time we were chasing a six year old.

  • HintOfLime
    Why didn't somebody tell me that timeing belts were the secret to a woman's heart?

    I thought everyone knew women love belts! I prefer flat belts myself - the way they stay in place by tightly hugging those curved surfaces......

    - Lime

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    I have to weigh in on this thread. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and 2 outstanding sons. My husband TotallyADD is all thumbs when it comes to mechanics but put a screw gun in his hands and he really shines. Three years ago we bought an old log house sight unseen off the internet. To say it was a handyman special would be putting it mildly. Last summer hubby gutted the house and totally redesigned it, rewiring, replumbing, drywalling, painting. He made me a whole new kitchen by reworking the cabinets and putting in a tile countertop. Time ran out last summer to redo the bathroom but that is his project now that we have moved into the house. A couple years ago we bought 2 colorful Mexican sinks from an importer in St. Augustine, FL with the idea of incorporating them into our log house. He has designed the bathroom around the sinks. I am eager to see the finished product.

    Did I say the log house is in PA? My oldest son took off time from work to come to Florida from another state to move us to PA.

    My youngest son is the one I call when I need help with anything computer related. He has gotten me out of many jams.

    While adorable is not the first adjective I think of when I think of my three men, I certainly would call them talented, helpful, considerate, thoughtful, fun to be with, and I am so happy they are a part of my life.

    Reopened Mind

  • wobble

    We men might be adorable, but women are abso-bloody-lutely BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!

    I love women so much I am thinking of becoming a Lesbian. ( have I got that concept in a mucking fuddle ?)

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I think men can be so charming with their shop-talk.

    I haven't had very positive relationships with them, either, except my grampa.

    My dad is busy trying to bully and shame me back into the org.

    He can be a tyrant.

    My uncle, for reasons unknown to anyone but himself, cut himself off from the family, except by phone.

    The other men, grandfather and uncles are rude rednecks.

    Oh, believe me when I say the women are WORSE! (I fixed that by moving away...far far away.

    There are attributes that I like about men, but for relationship purposes...I'm just not feeling it.

    There is an inner caveman that lurks inside most of the men I've met, and that's a real turn-off.

    I like men and conversing with them is very nice.

  • botchtowersociety

    This afternoon I had the pleasure of listening to my dad, husband and son discuss timing belts, the teeth they rest on, camshafts, and other car parts that I cant recall at such a late hour. They were totally engrossed in the conversation and it was fun listening to them talk. The air was thick with testosterone and they were so manly that I just had to smile about it.

    I have been blessed by the wonderful men in my life and that includes the ones on this discussion forum. On behalf of myself and other women, thank you. Thank you for your protection, your love, your chivalry, your passion, for making us laugh, and for your knowledge of automobiles. Our lives are sweeter because of you.


    You are such darling.

    There is an inner caveman that lurks inside most of the men I've met, and that's a real turn-off.

    Here's mine.

  • sooner7nc

    Robdar, that was very sweet. God bless all of you beautiful wonderful women.

  • Violia


    men have been my best friends

    If you ever watch PBS check out Red and Green, I think that is the title. Adorable guys just who aren't handsome but handy around the house.

    Sadly , I lacked female influence in my life and most of my experiences with them have been unpleasant. Not all, though.

  • Morbidzbaby

    I agree, Robdar...wholeheartedly.

    While I, like a lot of other women, have been hurt by men since I was a little kid, I find that I appreciate the good ones all the more so because of it. I haven't been jaded into the "all men suck" mentality. I love men as a species, I've said it before. I get along better with men than I do with women. I truthfully don't really like having female friends. The very few that I've had have proven to be backstabbers and false friends and I just really despise the drama involved with interacting with other women. I'm kind of more of a Martian than a Venusian. I just don't understand my own sex, nor do I really want to and my own sex doesn't really understand me. All of my best friends are guys. Maybe it stems from the difference in the relationship I have with my mother compared to the one I have with my father. I don't know.

    I love when guys shop-talk... I understand a lot of it and can even interject a little. Funny story, my mom's car was making a funny "thud" sound under the driver's side for a while and my dad kept saying it was probably the steering column. I disagreed. Now, my dad and his family were all into auto mechanics...I mean, they did it for a living. My dad still does. I told him it sounded and felt like a front end issue...either a tie rod or a control arm or something in that vicinity. He said "Nah, nah, it's not that".... He went and checked it out... Next day, he's in the yard with the tire off, replacing the whole assembly LMAO. So I was gloating and said "Uh-huh...Now, daddy, who was right?"... He mumbled something that resembled "Eeeh shaddap" LOL.

    I find that men try so hard to be what women want them to be, and a lot of times it's never enough. They don't get appreciated the way they should be. They are more than trash taker-outers and car fixer-uppers. And the little things they do show they care...a lot of times it's stuff that goes unnoticed, but if they quit doing it, there would be a marked difference.

    Just wanna say you people with a Y chromosome rock!

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