Conspiracy theorists

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    MrFreeze, type in "Firefighters comments on 911 Tower Destruction" on your computer.Where did these extra explosions come from especially on the lower floors?


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    LOL CoonDawg, great clip! So I Married an Axe of my favorites.

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    I used to always think of Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory - but now, it's Stuart McKenzie that comes to mind!

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    1975, typical conspiracy theorists/JW. Before moving onto a new point, please refute what I said.

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    There are different types of conspiracy theorists:

    Christian conspiracy theorists

    Socialist conspiracy theorists

    World Socialist Web Site

    State of the Union speech: Bush declares war on the world

    The State of the Union speech given by George W. Bush Tuesday night was among the most menacing and belligerent in American history. The US president outlined a program of limitless and perpetual warfare, on every continent, and against any regime that stands in the way of the rapacious American ruling class.

    Bush threatened to attack Iran, Iraq and North Korea-mentioning the three countries by name. Despite his apocalyptic warnings about "thousands of dangerous killers, schooled in the methods of murder, often supported by outlaw regimes," these countries had nothing to do with the September 11 terrorist attacks, a fact acknowledged even by the US government.

    Despite Bush's attempt to resurrect the rhetoric of World War II in his reference to the "axis of evil," it is the US government and Bush himself who are following in the footsteps of the Nazis. One would have to go back to the diatribes of Adolf Hitler to find comparable bellicosity in the public declarations of a major world power, and comparable cynicism in the lies and provocations employed as justifications for military aggression.

    A program of world conquest

    The comparison is an apt one, because like Hitler and the Nazis, American militarism has embarked on a campaign of world conquest and world domination. The State of the Union speech was a declaration of the unbridled appetites of the military and of the most ruthless, corrupt and criminal sections of the American ruling elite, who find their direct representative in George W. Bush.

    Like Hitler, Bush presents an upside-down view of the world in which small and weak states are mortal threats to the most powerful and heavily armed. In 1938-39, Hitler demonized first Czechoslovakia and then Poland as threats to the national security of Germany, before invading and laying waste to each. In 2002, Bush targets North Korea, Iran and Iraq, declaring, "The United States of America will not permit the world's most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons."

    There's also organizations conspiracy theorists center their theories around.

    Will humanity bring about a New World Order through secret societies?

    A New World Order: Thoughts and Perspectives from the Illuminati Manifesto

    By now, many, if not most of you, have heard various politicians and media figures speak of a New World Order. What exactly does this mean? What kind of order is it that they speak of? Who is going to implement this New World Order? How will it be implemented? What types of people understand or subscribe to the New World Order? Will it be established by some dishonest Christian conspiracy theorists, con artists who are busy spitting out books on all sorts of theories with the assumption that they have a large audience filled with gullible and naive people ready to make them rich and famous? The real issues have never been clearly defined by those who speak out concerning a New World Order; the real issues are what is and who is this New World Order?

    What the New World Order entails, among other things, are the many issues that would be considered taboo in today's day and age. However, like all great idealists, philosophers, and scientists,' proponents of the New World Order, namely The Illuminati Order, are pioneers in the field of human and social responsibility. We are providing practical and logical solutions to the many issues and questions authoritative figures in high positions would not dare speak of in public for fear of loosing their positions and/or their reputations.

    Throughout the ages, however, a seed of enlightenment has been planted and nourished by what most people refer to as radicals. A new philosophy took hold and matured over the centuries. It has been safeguarded by various secret societies such as Freemasonry, The Illuminati, and other similar organizations. This philosophy is the philosophy of realism, of practical application to problems that face mankind. This philosophy is known as Objectivism. Although it has been hijacked by Randists (people who claim and believe that Ayn Rand was the inventor or originator of this philosophy) it is only the ignorant and poorly educated in the field of philosophy and literature that prescribe to such belief. Unfortunately, this is the case with most Objectivists. There are two types of people who claim Rand as the originator or founder of Objectivism.

    Objectivism is a collection of original thoughts of many individuals over the centuries. People who have books to sell and big salaries to maintain ( parasites and parasites) are the idiots, liars, cowards, and deceivers who still maintain that Objectivism was founded or originated by Ayn Rand. Those dumb enough to believe such nonsense should read John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers, Pope, Cicero, Branden, Nietzsche, Aristotle, and a multitude of other authors and philosophers; there are too many to list here.

  • Mary
    Please name one specific living person who is a member of this elite group.

    I know for a fact this guy is secretly planning on taking over the world by means of his (quote)'time ma-chine'(unquote).

  • jaguarbass
    Please name one specific living person who is a member of this elite group.

    George Bush, dumb and dumber, both Clintons, Henry Kissinger.

    There's nothing you can do about it.

    Might as well act like it isnt so.

  • unshackled

    Mary...don't forget he also has sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads. That and ill-tempered seabass.

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    MrFreeze:1975, typical conspiracy theorists/JW. Before moving onto a new point, please refute what I said.

    If I may, I'll refute what you said.

    There were memos that went out to the tenants of the towers weeks before 9/11, stating that the towers would be closed above the the 50th floor on the weekend of 9/8-9 for "cable upgrades". Conveniently, security cameras had no power. Over that weekend, security personnel were quoted as saying that an "army of engineers were going in and out of the buildings for 36 hours" with lots of "equipment". And strangely, after several years of routinely patrolling the buildings with bomb-sniffing dogs (after the '93 bombing, that Willie Clinton arranged), as of Thursday, 9/6, the dogs were removed. Astonishingly, Marvin Bush, Son of Satan's brother, was head of security at the WTC (and also Dulles Airport) and guess what? IT WAS HIS LAST DAY ON THE JOB (Retirement). How very, very coincidental.

    As for the amount of people that would have to be involved in such a "conspiracy", there are many levels to a pyramid, and each level only knows what they "need to know". NORAD was told weeks before of "drills" scheduled for the morning of 9/11, that amazingly would include hijacked planes out of Boston that would be flown by Arab terrorists into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. That is why NORAD stood down. The firefighters knew nothing of an inside job, and we have audio of them stating that the fires were almost out, right before the first tower collapsed. That's why there was black smoke, the fires were oxygen-starved, and nowhere near hot enough to melt steel. That's why the people standing at the edge of the airplane-shaped cartoon cutout on the side of the building didn't even have their hair singed. We also have the police, beginning around 12 noon, announcing to people on the street by bullhorn to clear the area around building 7, because it was going to come down. How the hell did they know that? It didn't even get hit by any airplane. And then of course, at 5pm we have a BBC reporter telling the world that building 7 had collapsed, when it was still standing in the window over her left shoulder! It didn't fall until 25 minutes later!

    Another amazing coincidence was that an operation was scheduled weeks ahead of time for FEMA, called "Tripod II", where they arrived the night before, and set up camp on a huge Hudson River Pier facility, with enough equipment to clean up a mess like 911 in a hurry. And that is exactly what they did. Where was the investigation? Why was the steel shipped off to China before you could say "controlled demolition"? Why was one of the truck drivers carrying some of the steel fired on the spot for taking an extra 20 minutes lunch? Why were all the trucks hauling off the steel equipped with GPS devices?

    I could go on and on with this, but its late and I'm tired.

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