Sex at 14?

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  • headisspinning

    Oh and one more thing - we do have him in some activities - he takes guitar lessons and practices all the time.
    And he is in a band with his dad, sister and a couple friends and they perform in the summer as buskers.

    But the suggestion of more physical activities is a good one and I will try to think of something more along those lines too.

    He has very little unsupervised time and his associations are closely watched. He's not allowed to just come and go as he pleases.

    The afternoon tryst with his girlfriend occurred when he claimed to be sick and came home early from school before his dad got home from work.
    But it's highly unusual for him to be home alone in the house or just hanging out with friends.

  • TheListener

    It's clear that you love your son and have his best interests in your heart. ((((((hugs)))))

    I know it's not easy but keep up your great efforts.

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