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  • boyzone

    Good luck Rick! The more you publicly expose their lies, the more people will be cautious on the doorstep. You are doing a public service.

  • Podobear

    Actually, boyzone... you will find that all groups THRIVE on persecution and Hate rhetoric. The more you verbalize your opposition, the more that people will be attracted to research. The truth will come out.. but I doubt the way you are approaching things will do anything but promote increase in the ranks of your targets.

    Were you ever a JW?

  • NewChapter

    Regarding the thought that protests bring down governments and so will work on the WT: Protests from WITHIN bring down governments. They are a way of bringing people together, identifying themselves to each other, and then moving forward in unity. Protests from WITHOUT do very little, but I believe in some cases it helps the protestors to vent some of their anger. If it makes them feel better, then I can't fault it. However, if the desire is for certain results, I'm not so sure the goals will be achieved. We cannot IMPOSE our beliefs on these people. Now if a group of witnesses stood up during the convention to protest and rallied the support of those around them, that could make an impression. The guys with the signs outside won't do the trick.

    Also, political ideologies and religious ideologies are different. People who disagree with their governments generally are not disagreeing with their gods. Of course there may be some overlap there, but generally overthrowing a government is not seen as overthrowing a god.

    For myself, my critical thinking was tickled. I purposely did not read any apostate literature until I had made up my mind. I studied academic historical writings and primary source science journals. It was only then that I came here. I didn't want my judgement clouded by emotion. Others come here, and this site tickles their critical thinking. They then go on to do more research.

    I think that disproving the myth of the angry apostate is the greatest tool we have. It is important to me to appear solid and reasonable and respectful. As long as we reinforce the society's lies about those who left, we won't gain a listening ear. I will never play by their rules. I will never act like a wolf snatching sheep. I will present myself as level-headed and open-minded. I won't impose myself on them. When they are ready to talk, I am here. If I can subtlety inject some critical questions, I will do so.

    I also think that a person who uses language such as "moral cowards" is probably not a person that will be able to convince others of much. Such an approach will close minds and cause others to cling ever tighter to their beliefs. Just as protests from within are more effective than outsiders protesting, changes from within a person gives us something more to work with than trying to force the changes.

    I guess in the end we have to consider our objectives. If it is to vent anger, then vent, but if it is to help those ready for change, then be there for them.

    Rant Over,


  • koolaid-man

    NewChapter said....... Now if a group of witnesses stood up during the convention to protest and rallied the support of those around them, that could make an impression.

    NewChapter, why don't you and some of your JW freinds stand up in your convention!

  • NewChapter

    Hmmm---I don't have any JW friends to stand up at THEIR convention. For that matter, I'm not even sure when their conventions are, and I live in the convention town--about 5 minutes away from the center they use. As a rule, I find that those that have freed themselves of the concept stay away, OR they have a great deal to lose and so they stay quiet. They are not cowards though. I would never judge anyone who attempts to keep the people they hold dear by staying quiet.

    We all have different styles and each have a valid contribution. I remember a time when I would have welcomed protestors at a convention simply to give us something new to talk about. But the conversation would have been about how loyal we all were not to read the signs or listen to the chants. Then the conversation would have morphed into how depraved apostates were and how this proves they are out to steal sheep. We probably would have shared stories about how others resisted the evil apostate, oh, and there is that one faithful pioneer sister who had to pass her own father holding a sign outside the convention center. Isn't she strong? Satan tests her constantly but her loyalty to Jehovah is unbreakable. I would have felt very built-up and justified in my judgement of apostates. The LAST thing I would have thought was that they had a valid point.

    You know, it's a wonderful world now that I can appreciate it. I am still interested in JW matters and at times I benefit from the support. But I am determined to experience this new world. The WT no longer consumes my time and energy. I have causes I work for. I will always be here for those that need support. I will not allow anger and bitterness at WT to consume the reduced time I have left to enjoy my newfound freedom. I recently got in touch with an apostate friend who I had cut off. We were friends for over 30 years, and now we are friends again. I notice she is not consumed either. We discuss gentle ways to reach others.

    It would be nice if you could at least recognize that not everyone has the same goals and methods as you do rick. You cause defenses to go up when you call people cowards for making choices that fit with their life and not yours. Also, if I stood up at a convention, I would still be an outsider protesting. I am not a JW any longer.



  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    If the WTBS was responsible for the death of my daughter, Id be protesting too. A LOT!

    If you plant flowers, flowers will grow

    If you plant weeds, weeds will grow


    Good for him standing up and saying his piece, unless youve lost a child youve no idea of the pain and heartache, that never leaves you.

    If you want to protest, protest. If you dont, dont. Freedom of speech and freedom of choice is great eh?

  • Finally-Free
    Freedom of speech and freedom of choice is great eh?

    Yes it is, which is why I'm opposed to those who try to exert undue pressure on others who choose not to adopt their methods.

    Note to Rick Fearon: Calling people cowards or otherwise browbeating them is not the way to gain followers for your cause. I suppose you feel safe doing so from the relative safety of your computer screen, which makes you the coward as far as I'm concerned. If you did that with some people in person I suspect you'd be taking your meals through a straw by now.


  • yalbmert99

    I'll be online for that conference june 4th, I'll give you more details about our protest in Quebec city of June 25th 7am, in front of the Pepsi coliseum, 250 wilfrid-hamel boulevard, at the district convention of JW's.

  • koolaid-man

    Looking forward to talking to you yalbmert on The Six Screens of the Watchtower Conference Call.

  • sizemik
    most people posting as you already know are moral cowards, they are hiding behind there cartoon avatars still scared to death of the Watchtower Org.
    You are not some anonymous fictitious bufoon sitting behind a computer screen pretending to be some internet therapist helping Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Rick . . . why do you come on JWN with such hostility . . . insulting and denigrating the people here and stirring up hatred and division.

    I really don't understand what motivates you to do that . . . could you explain this?

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