How evangelicals and Witnesses are alike

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  • garyneal

    and it goes on and on again...

  • jgnat

    godrulz: there are many so-called Christians that are nominal and unregenerate despite some mental assent to orthodoxy

    Just out of curiosity, are you hoping I am one of these?

    This thread was to invite comparisons where these religions are alike. You will note that they are alike in their prejudices, if not their belief. Your insistence in debating the differences, godrulz, kind of makes my point. It is true in general Christian denominations participate in good works, but you do not.

  • garyneal

    Okay, GodRulz,

    I think I now get what jgnat is trying to convey to you in other threads and I can certainly relate to her frustrations.

    My Jehovah's Witness wife thinks I am bad associations for the following reasons:

    • I don't build her up spiritually.
    • Building her up spiritually requires that I agree with Watchtower interpretations of scripture.
    • Because I do not agree with WT interpretations of scripture, I am bad associations.

    The prime example concerns Christmas celebrations. I, apparently, look for loop holes because I do not view Christmas celebrations as bad the way she is taught to view them as bad. Spiritually minded people are suppose to see the bad in it and act accordingly. Because I don't, something is wrong with me. She is pigeonholing me in a little box so she does not have to consider what I am saying. MIND OFF!!!!!

    She does the same thing when I poke holes in their blood doctrine. Just turn your mind off, consider that person bad associations, and live happily in your little bubble.

    Jgnat, if suggesting that you are doing the same thing. You speak much but listen little. Just like a Jehovah's Witness who is convinced that her or she is right.

  • godrulz

    gnat: you are seeing a tiny glimpse of me here. You do not know why full beliefs (I have untraditional beliefs like Open Theism, denial of Augustinian original sin/eternal now, etc.) nor my works or lack thereof (they are not the issue anyway). I am not hoping you are nominal, liberal, unregenerate. You did not give me a straight answer on who Jesus is, so I cannot even speculate where you are at (if you did, I forgot in light of the many posts/posters). Contrary to what you think, I also do not make trinity salvific since anti-trinity modalists can be saved (they do not deny the Deity of Christ like Arians do). We are saved by grace through faith, not theological perfection/infallibility. Mormons and Christians are alike in many ways, but that does not make Mormons Christians (as much as they protest that they are). You can have WT baggage and still be saved. Some ex-JWs are heading in the right direction, but are not there yet (they are religious, not regenerate). I do not know you from Adam/Eve. I think we have had a bad start, but I trust we will see each other's hearts and be able to have more respectful dialogue, more light than heat! Why would I hope you are lost? My beef is with the WT/Satan, not with any individual victim of false or no religion. The issue is beliefs, not personalities. At the end of the day, know that you loved, certainly by God, and by me, believe it or not (we seek your highest good which is to know and love Jesus as Lord/God).

    Here is an important distinction: many religions have BEHAVIORAL truth in common. Mormons, JWs, Muslims, Evangelicals share many common family/moral values, love 'God'/love others, etc. Only biblical, historical, orthodox Christianity (which is affirmed by a variety of believers/denominations with common essential truths) has REDEMPTIVE truth, salvation through faith in the real vs counterfeit Jesus/Gospel.

    The Holy Spirit alone convinces/convicts as to whether we are careless sinner, convicted sinner, or converted sinner/saint. Only the latter has assurance of salvation. We should not make the gospel more narrow or more broad than the Bible/Jesus does.

    Is all the above generally reasonable and something you can agree with, even if we differ on essential? or peripheral doctrinal disputes (I really don't know what you believe, so I can't comment in an informed manner)?

  • WontLeave

    denial of Augustinian original sin

    godrulzese to English translation: Rom 5:12, Psa 51:5, Rom 3:23, 1John 1:8 are optional doctrines, but don't let me catch you denying the Son is his own Father or you're going to Hell.

    You did not give me a straight answer on who Jesus is, so I cannot even speculate where you are at

    godrulzese to English translation: I need to know if you agree with me to know if you're a "true Christian". After all, it's my job to decide.

    I also do not make trinity salvific

    godrulzese to English translation: God told me I have the right to decide which doctrines are correct and mandatory

    The issue is beliefs

    godrulzese to English translation: While I claim salvation is through grace, what I really mean is salvation is through adopting my theology.

    we seek your highest good

    godrulzese to English translation: God and I are concerned about you. We talked it over and we decided you need our help or we're going to throw you into Hell.

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    Funny, but caricaturish (sic).

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    I'm don't believe a caricature of you would be possible.

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    Oh WontLeave - why are you tempting the photoshop and smiley geeks??? lol

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    My avatar is close.

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    You mean like this, poopsiecakes?

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