How evangelicals and Witnesses are alike

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  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    *ahem* "Believe in Jesus and you will be saved" is a doctrine. You and DD judge who is "in" and "out" based on this.

    I'll just speak for myself. I don't know who believes that now, or who will believe that in the future. That's up to God. I only know about myself. I believe that those who confess Christ are saved, yes. The bible says God judges based on faith in Christ, yes.

    Terra Incognita I'm speaking about what most of the evangelicals, are taught in their churches. There are individuals who attend them with all sorts of beliefs. Deputy Dog; it is obvious to anyone who has associated with Pentecostals and Baptists, as I have, that lack of belief in certain doctrines would indicate a lack of salvation. Would you believe that a person who "has accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior" will really be saved if . . .

    • He does not believe in the Trinity?
    • Or in Hell as a place of eternal torment or alienation from God?
    • Believes in spontaneous evolution in which God simply created the raw materials of the Universe and left them alone to spontaneously evolve; without further guidance from the moment of the Big Bang?
    • Believes that Jesus came to North America, after his resurrection, in order to convert the native population?
    • Doesn't believe himself that these beliefs, just mentioned, have to be accepted in order to be saved?
    Those "beliefs" won't condemn anyone, as sinners we are condemned already. If and when they come to Christ, they may continue to believe some of those things. Unlike the JWs, I can see how a person could hang on to some of them and still believe the essentials.

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    the dog is balanced and wise...a servant of the Most High God.

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    the dog is balanced and wise...a servant of the Most High God.

    Unless you hit it too much.


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    My dog bites me (trying to protect his remaining 3 legs).

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