how would you interpret this wt cover?

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  • sinis

    What is so fucking stupid about that title is that most people try to live life compfortably, etc. Yea bad shit happens, and some don't have the best luck, but isn't "LIVING", living a life with meaning??? It is almost like they believe 99.9% of the populace is PISSING their life away. This could not be further from the truth. A day fishing, hiking, seeing some art, etc. although local ADD MEANING TO ONES LIFE!!!! You don't have to travel the world or be wealthy!!! Life is what YOU make of it!!!!

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    This cover with the question regarding "meaning" in one's life is insulting from my perspective as a born-in. I had to go to the JW website to download a PDF of this, and the article is downright offensive from my perspective. As born-ins we've been doing all these so called meaninful activities since birth, and if its so damn meaningful, how come 2/3 of all born-ins end up leaving this cancer of a religion? I've been peddling their literature and attending the borefest meetings from the womb, and now I'm trying to figure out how to avoid continueing this nonsense until the tomb. Getting baptized into the WT organization takes away all meaning in one's life.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    It looks like an ad for insurance or saving for retirement.

    "Save and invest now! Otherwise you'll have to share a run-down bungalow with abusive relatives."

  • Cadellin

    This is one weird cover; given this organization's repeatedly botched predictions as to when the "end" would come, I would say they're taking a huge risk with this kind of cover. It's like a big reminder that so many lives have gone by w/o their predications happening. Also, it's clear that the WT art department has few, if any, trained professionals who stay current in the industry. As another poster observed, this is a pastiche spanning the 20th century, yet supposedly organized to show a single life. The little boy in the knee pants is from very early in the 20th century; early 1920's I'd guess and he looks to be around 10 years old. That would make him born in...OH WAIT...that would make him born in 1914!!!

    The boy with the bike looks like 1930s, as has already been noted. He looks to be in his early to mid teens, born around 1920. The guy with the dishes is from the 1950's, the guy with the briefcase, maybe the 1970's. There's no way this could all be one person, yet that's ostensibly what it's portraying. Are the artists so out of touch with how people live that they really think someone who would wear a cap and knee pants as a boy is still alive, albeit hobbling around with a cane? The old guy might be in his eighties, at the most. And yet if it's not supposed to depict a single life, what's the point? Why display it in this manner? Because of this anachronistic depiction, the picture has a decidedly creepy feel...

    Also, so many of the pics the WT uses show the "representative" white, middle class male, as if somehow that represents the "majority" of people, either gender-wise or economically.

  • jam

    I question the first four, baby--dishwasher, well maybe the

    dishwasher may be A JW. No book bags and the two boys

    are dress like any other kid of thier day. The one boy

    has A bike, meaning he has time to play and he is smiling.

  • fade_away

    Yeah, the old man looks pissed. I'm sure he's remembering the WT promise that he "would not grow old in this system of things". I'd be pissed too.

  • slimboyfat
    This is what it reminded me of:
    "All the world's a stage...

    Indeed, quite a clever cover really. Someone working at bethel has read a book or two and has got imagination. 
  • OnTheWayOut

    It's all supposed to be the same person. He's a 1914-generation guy. I mean, look at the styles. His life had no real meaning because his generation died off and didn't see the end. He wasted his life chasing "worldly" pursuits. (It is supposed to be a WT, so I have to come up with their reasons.)

    But YOUR LIFE can have REAL MEANING, this close to the end (way into the overlap) by opening this magazine and learning to give up your own pursuits.

  • sinis

    Shit the title of this magazine should be:



  • cofty

    Encumbered forever by desire and ambition
    There's a hunger still unsatisfied
    Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon
    Though down this road we've been so many time

    The grass was greener
    The light was brighter
    The taste was sweeter
    The nights of wonder
    With friends surrounded
    The dawn mist glowing
    The water flowing
    The endless river

    Forever and ever

    David Gilmour - High Hopes

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