Did you miss out on "higher education" when a JW but go to college later?

by Mad Sweeney 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I did. Still not finished with a degree yet but I'll get there.

    How about you?

  • Jadeen

    I'll be getting my degree next spring at 34!

  • lovelylil

    My husband did, got his degree last year at 42.

  • cantleave

    I was lucky - my company paid for my education, so I did day release and block release, eventually gaining a Masters.

    Nugget is studying for her degree now, in her mid 40's after finishing college early at 19 due to WTS pressure.

  • designs


  • tracylee

    I was frowned upon for choosing to go to college, pulled into the back room with the Elders over my "pursuing worldly knowledge" over God's knowledge, and found that people in the congregation were just cold and distant from me, in spite of putting in 40+ hours in field service every month, rarely missing meetings, etc. I definitely felt the disapproval.

    But I'm stubborn and went anyway.

    One of my reasons that I told the Elders why I needed to attend college was to be able to support myself financially and that I was not going to just rely on some man to do that for me (my parents divorced, and my mother had to work 2 or 3 jobs at a time to support 4 children). I was then told I was disrespecting the headship principle, LOL!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I left school at 16 to piosneer. Fortunately I later got a full time job with a company that sponsered me to go to college part time. I'd like to go back and get to degree level but just don't have the time at the moment. One day.

  • Rocky_Girl

    I am now in college at 31 with one year until graduation. I wrote an experience for a class that explained how I was talked out of going to college and going to beauty school and my professor bent over laughing and said, "is this a joke?!?" Yes, my friend, that's my life; one big joke! LOL

  • cheerios

    i did. graduated last year :)

  • lovelylil

    I got my business degree before becoming a jw. My hubby and I both were baptised at the same time, spent 10 years in. Now that we are out and he got his degree, I am taking biblical studies courses and hope to have a degree in a few years in biblical literature. I want to use it to teach on the college level. By the time I am done with this degree I will be 48!

    I think its never too late to go back to school. We had a 70+ year old lady attend our area High School at Night, and graduate with her high school diploma with a regular graduating class in 2010. She is retired so did not need it for work. When a reporter asked her WHY she decided to finish High School at her age? She replied, because I just wanted to! She also said she had dropped out and married young and always did wonder if she could have finished, now she had her answer.

    This lady is a great example for us uhm older folk seeking a degree. Peace, Lilly

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