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  • Hobo Ken
    Hobo Ken

    I'll try and keep it very simple standfirm. Welcome.

    Jehovah's witnesses have the truth.

    The wtbs and their Governing Body have been chosen as Jehovah's representatives.

    I assume as one of Jehovah's Witnesses you believe both of the above statements to be true?

    Please tell all when both of these events became reality and supply proof.

    Thanks in advance.


  • bohm

    Standfirm, you are a brave soul..

    One of the new brochures on evolution contain an obvious error, specifically it obviously misrepresent work on homonoid endocasts as to make its case seem stronger:

    Ofcourse it is a rather rare event scientists cannot correctly summerize clear points made in the introductory chapter of work they quote to support their position, and even rarer it would make it through peer review.

    But since less obvious errors in articles are routinely corrected in later editions of their respective journals i think its a safe bet any journal with respect for itself would point out the error in the name of transparency.

    Yes or no, do you think the error should be corrected in eg. a watchtower?

  • aquagirl

    Sorry.I dont buy it.A real{i.e. brainwashed} witness,would never be on this forum.I call troll.

  • Honesty

    I would like to know why pages 132-137 that describes "False Prophets" in

    the Reasoning from the Scriptures book leave out Deuteronomy 18: 21-22.

  • ProdigalSon

    Standfirm, have you seen the PBS Documentary, "The Bible's Buried Secrets"?. The archaelogical evidence says that Jehovah is nothing more than a tribal god of the Canaanites. There was no "Exodus" from Egypt except for a small band of Canaanites, and the "Promised Land" was settled by Canaanites, and there was no "conquering"...thank GOD that those atrocities of rape and pillaging by Jehovah's command didn't really happen. Jesus Christ said the world did not know his Father....because his world was the Jewish world. He clearly told his apostles that Elijah displayed an evil manner of spirit when he called down fire from heaven. But you won't see that in your doctored Bible. So, the book is not of divine origin to begin with, and they STILL have to change it to fit their doctrines.

    You've taken a book of Jewish Myths and read them literally, which is what makes the whole of Christianity a complete and utter joke. The WTBT$ was funded into existence and is controlled from the top by the same Satanists who print your money.

    Seriously, there is NO END to the different ways to prove that the Watchtower Society is not only FULL OF SHIT, but that their god is no other than Satan himself. What that means is that when Babylon the Great falls, the Watchtower will go down first. Even Robert King of e-Watchman got that one right using your own Bible.

  • unshackled
    Sorry.I dont buy it.A real{i.e. brainwashed} witness,would never be on this forum.I call troll.

    Agreed, aquagirl. I called troll on SF's other thread:

    "Has anyone noticed that StandFirm has:
    - started 2 topics, for a total of 8 pages so far
    - yet, StandFirm has made ONLY 6 total posts. Only 1 on this thread alone.

    Seems to me we're talking to ourselves here...or overfeeding a troll. "

  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    First, welcome to the forum StandFirm.

    What ONE subject would you most want to debate with a JW defender?

    How about Mediator? Or can you show us where in the Bible it mentions two hopes? (One for the Great Crowd, one for the 144,000)

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff


    And I am an elder in good standing, pioneering too. I just drop around here once in a while to see just how evil these apostates are in between reading my Bible and attending all the meetings set up by Jehovah. Perhaps we will see each other at the Convention this summer. Praise Jah, sister!

    Nice to meet you.


  • still thinking
    still thinking

    sizemik ha ha ha

    Maybe DJ is running a school from which we have our first graduate . . . ? Maybe a "field trip" is underway

    standfirm Did you bring some lunch to share?....I'll swap you a peanut butter sandwich for some raisins

    Na...but seriously....I think standfirm is here because he is craving more new light....he is addicted...well put on your sunnies baby cause the lights about to get a whole lot brighter XXXX

    Come on....admit're here for the TRUE TRUTH!

  • Satanus

    'overfeeding a troll. "'

    Haha. What happens, when you overfeed a troll? Does it blow up, like mr creasote?


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