You'll lose your life and that of your children if you don't come back

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  • poopsiecakes

    I like chickpea's response

    It's so sad to me when I read this kind of stuff...

  • Alwayshere

    Terra Incognita, I like your suggestion. They (elders) called me last week and said

    they were having a meeting and it would be in my best intrest if I was there.

    I told them, I would not be there. They called yesterday and said the descison

    was to DF me but they would like to see me come back. I told them I would

    never go back because I knew too much.

  • wobble

    The response from a friend of mine who was an Adventist when they said something similar to her (all cults are so the same !) was:

    "If your God is really like that, so without love, I could never have anything to do with him" (She is now Atheist/Humanist)

  • blondie

    Seems like many jws "serve" out of fear not love.

  • WTWizard


    They have been pulling this crap since 1874. Nothing happened then, nothing is going to happen now. And, when the Rothschilds do claim control of the whole human race, they don't give a fxxx if you pio-sneered continually, attended every boasting session, and donated everything to the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund.

    As for the children, they are not going to have that card to play with me. So long as Jehovah doesn't let the opposite sex be physically attracted to me (and he has decided that it will be my whole damn life), I won't have any children for that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag TO destroy or threaten with destruction. And my own life will have that much less value--you can't expect me to special pio-sneer to save something of such little value. Kind of like sacrificing silver so you can hold onto your toilet paper dollars.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Who knows what might happen here there have been major exterminations in the past but whatever happens the witnesses wiil be in as much danger as everyone else all their field service won't amount to anything.

  • cheerios

    i thought only the pagan gods of caanan killed children .. guess joohooby isnt much better

  • truthseekeriam

    I got that same crap a few weeks ago The elder actually told me if I thought the molestation of our daughter (by an ex elder) was heartbreaking just wait 15 years from now and see how much heartbreak we'll have when our children and future grandchildren are in the "world" living horrible lives!!

    Yea, what a charmer huh?

    Oh yeah, " The end is right here just look at what's going on in the world." So how again I'm I going to see my grandchildren being miserable in 15 years If the end is here now?

    How do these people keep a straight face?

  • the_raisin

    Whoa. That blows so much (I speak like a teenager blaaaah :p). But I truly feel for you. Like someone mentioned up above, that's emotional blackmail. When nothing else gets to you, they spew out this drivel like it's something sane people say at a supermarket. Sheesh. BUt you gotta feel for them too. They really do believe all these atrocities will happen, and it sounds like she cares for you. In her misguided way, of course.

  • umadevi

    I can only speak for myself. My son and I will definitely "die" if we were to continue being JW. No freedom at all.

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