Do You EVER Think These World Events Could Be Prophecies Being Fulfilled?

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  • pontoon

    Sorry about that blank. Remember, if you start to think the Wat. is all true and it is time to go back, you'd be returning to a God that taught men how to kill and shed blood in the first place. Remember Jeh. looked at Able favorably for his animal scrafices, but did not protect him from his own brother. Remember, if you think it is all true, Jeh. is now watching the human tragedy in Japan, that he could have stopped, babies, children, HIS OWN SERVANTS dying horrible deaths, suffering hardships for the living. You sure you want to go back?

  • DagothUr

    A man of state (I don't remember his name) was very ill. One day he gathered a lot of sympathetic people near his bed and told them "Friends, an angel of the Lord spoke to me last night and told me I will soon get well". The people were exalted and left his house hoping for the best. Then his butler asked him "Sir, we both now you will soon die, how could you lie to all this people?". "If by chance I'll get well, everyone will say I'm a prophet and a man of God. If I will die, they will say I was a liar, but I won't care about what they'll say anyway, because I will be dead!".

    The entire Bible follows this way of thinking.

  • transhuman68

    These massive earthquakes and tsunami are really scary, but I bet they scare everybody! Until the WTS comes up with a new 'king of the north' I am not really worried.

  • mindseye

    I'm with sinis on this one. It's cyclical. Every culture has had their 'prophecies' of 'The End.' 'The End' has come many times: Revolutions, plagues, floods, earthquakes, crumbling civilizations, etc. Then it starts over. The cycle of death and rebirth.

  • sinis

    What is even more interesting Mindseye is that all of these cultures describe the same event with remarkable likeness - this even though these cultures have been isolated geographically and through time.

    It is about cycles. The dinosaurs, etc. have all experienced death and rebirth. Even the book of Enoch tells us that Noah knew that the Earth would shift and that that would trigger the flood. I believe we look at the ancients and mythology with sarcasm instead of looking beyond that, and understanding that all things have threads of truth. It becomes more appearent when almost all of the oldest cultures, seperated by time and distance have almost the exact same time constructs for the "end" as well as what will happen, and how.

    This Friday/Saturday is a Super Moon, lets see what happens. Because I can tell you this, the solar flares CME's that the Sun has been belching out as of late are a DIRECT coorelation to the massive Earthquakes that have taken place in Iran, Chile, Japan, etc. This will only get worse. The direct result will be food shortag, famine, disease, war, etc. All logical steps in events outside our control... then the "powers of the heavens" would be shaken, or better yet, describing a celestial event documented in ancient texts - reflected in the book of revelation and else where. People need to wake up and look beyond the spiritual aspect...

  • hubert

    Nope, never. I'm not a superstitious person, and most of this is based on superstition. (IMHO).


  • sabastious

    Maybe someone traveled back in time and started all these religions so we had something to hold onto before our own earth signed our death certificates?


  • jwfacts

    That people think world events are an indication of doomsday is a sad reminder of how ignorant and superstitious humans still are. Human nature is to not see beyond their own life. The natural disasters are constantly proven to be no worse than in the past, and in most regards the medicine and equipement now available means the suffering of individuals is far less.

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