so oompa got df'd this week...

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  • journey-on

    oompa....Didn't your wife have to agree to it if you were unconscious? Are they going to df her, too, or put her on public reproof?

  • oompa

    stuck in...i did receive two liters of whole blood...but i did not ask for it dammit!...they will never admit to df-ing me for taking blood...dont they they want that legally hanging on them...but if they want you out...they will find a way...i am really trying to not be bitter...i am failing!!!

  • laverite

    Thank goodness you didn't have a "no blood card" in your wallet! Well done. You are live. I'm so glad you are here with us. Get better Oompa.

  • greenhornet

    My heart go out to you my brother. How did they know of your medical information? That is a Hipa violation. Get legal consell and persue this.

  • oompa
    oompa wife was not contacted until a day after i was in the hospital...they were slow to contact cell phone was destroyed in the crash and i was in the hospital before the police even showed up i was in a rural the blood thing was already done when she was on the scene....but funny about my wife...the repair surgeries did not happen for a week after my wreck so the swelling could go down....she did sign for my blood transfusions during my surgery and told the elders she did so because i had told her years ago i would accept one because i did not see anything wrong with it and the WT was stoopid for allowing fractions!!...

    i mean good god! you are REALLY supposed to abstain from it...that means ZERO! blood was to be poured on the ground...i wonder if all the fractions and my whole blood have dirt particles in them????

    funny thing about old testament principles carrying over into new testament....the only example of blood being used was to save the life of children!!! in putting blood on your door post to save the life of your firstborn child...ya...the passover!!! plus...the priests back then used the hell out of blood in their worship to jehovah!!!!.....

    it is like a can tell your waiter you just had the buffet...that does not mean you had every fukkin item on the buffet!!!....but you ate from it...thus you ate the buffet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....self righteous idiots!!!!!!!...oompa.... me through this my old friends...i really did not want to be dfd!...i am fourth generation....i had already been shunned by my lifelong friends due to my outspoken words regarding my discovering we had changed the bible to make it say what JW'S want it to...but now i have lost my family....oomps

  • diamondiiz

    Glad you made it through the ordeal. Since you got blood, wts assumes you dis-associated yourself which is same as df but now days they just make an announcement that so and so are no longer jw so the drones automatically know what to do. If there is family that will shun you because of the announcement and you don't want to lose them try an appeal, otherwise be glad you're out and have no more links to the cult. Wish you all the best in your recovery.

  • thetrueone

    Probably the connection with these elders has to be levied upon your wife.

    This most likely started the investigation and hey telling these power playing boys to F.OFF

    tells them that you no longer want to offer any respect, so they responded in kind.

    Announcing your DF at their congregation is where and when they can languish that stated power.

    This is another situation that questions the policy on how JWS are treated when accepting a BT.

    Some people are saying that its only a DA penalty and some are saying its still a DF.

    Put this out of your mind Oompa and continue to focus on you recovery, JWS (elders) will always

    be apathetic has-beens, thats in their designated programming and it reveals itself in the most inappropriate ways.

    Take care.

  • Leolaia
    i was unconscious for nearly three weeks so had no idea what my treatment was...but do know now that i received two liters of blood fractions. what were the fractions??....100% lmao!!!! so without even telling me...they df'd me....

    "And the world will know you are my disciples because you have love among yourselves." CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE? Sorry you're getting kicked when you're's like the last thing you need right now when you are trying to get my life back together.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Oomopa, sounds to me that instead of you being disfellowshipped, you "disassociated yourself by your actions" of conscenting to a blood transfusion. DF requires 1)notification of meeting, and then 2) notification of committee's decision, and then 3) your right to appeal if you disagree. Disassociate does not require all of those things, just confirmation that you did something by your actions to "dissassociate" yourself (i.e., joining military, joining other church, accepting BT). If you're wife told them you accepted BT and that you disagreed with WTS doctrine on the subject, then you took the "action" to indicate that you are no longer one of JWs.

    The announcement read to congregation for DF or DA is the same: "Oomopa is no longer one of JWs".

    Easier to claim that YOU made the decision. I expect a lot more such "disassociations" vs. formal disfellowshippings in the future. Easier. Less prone to litigation claims.

  • cantleave

    Each body of elders is a law to themselves. They have not followed the procedures at all. Well you can write to the branch or just enjoy the freedom. Sorry you have been treated so shabbily. Pleased that you are well on the road to recovery.