Watchtower claims Armageddon will come when US is no longer a World Power

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  • zoiks
    I told her I always found all the prophecy stuff boring

    Maybe so, but I would pay money to back in time and smoke weed with Freddy Franz.

  • brotherdan
    the Revelation book always did give me a headache.

    That's because you can only read so much retardedness for so long...

  • jookbeard

    well that can add another couple of hundred years to the failed prophecy

  • OnTheWayOut

    Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo to say "the end is soooooooooooooo near."

    The short time of the end has lasted nearly 100 years, so another short time that is only NEAR it's completion could carry us into the 22nd century.

  • jwfacts

    The King of the North and South referred to a short period of time prior to Jesus birth. The Watchtower has stretched this out to make it appear prophetic of a 2000 year period, to attempt to make the final part fit our time. (No doubt they took the basis for this from some Protestant tradition, rather than invent the interpretation themselves.) They will continue to make changes to the what the last piece means to ensure it alway appears the end is just about to happen.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    They will do the old "Oh we never said these were prophecies, its just our opinion" mentioned in the 1993 Awake! Why so many false prophecies, and then claim new light.

  • Heaven

    So basically, if the Botchtower thinks Armageddon will come when the US is no longer a World Power, then they're admitting that Armageddon is never going to come.

  • DarioKehl

    Perhaps they're finally acknowledging that globalism is likely going to be attempted before "The End" arrives. I'm not one to buy into conspiracy theories, but there has been a noticeable "tip toe to totalitarianism" for several decades and it would easily fit their doctrine concerning the "appointed times of the nations." JWs reason that God allowed the human race to try every conceivable form of government (federalism, communism, socialism, nationalism, fascism, blah-blah-blah) but one form that has yet to be tested is the "One-World Government" so many end of days people believe is surely coming.

    I see things transitioning to a Global Government, and sadly, this will likely add to their rhetoric in the coming decades they just earned with the new "overlap" clause. I won't be surprised at all if the WT and Awake! start admitting that some of the conspiracy theories are right, but they'll do so very carefully so as not to appear as nutty as David Icke or Alex Jones (ex: they'll mainly focus on UN, etc but avoid such controversial topics like vaccines and fluoridated water being part of a global eugenics agenda and... they'll stay away from the whole alien reptile thing lol).

    *BTW, if anyone has the KM insert from 2005/2006 (?) containing all the "adjustments" to the 1988 Revelation Grand Climax book available as PDF, let me know! as part of my project, I plan to focus only on modern-day changes. everyone already knows about the reversals from 1860s-1995. Although relevant, those changes have been talked about and talked about and the WBTS has given the sheeple plenty of rehearsed responses to counter individuals who bring those failed prophecies up. I think the younger folks could really benefit from seeing all the recent ones presented in a concentrated format. That's what nailed the coffin shut for me!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    given them selves a long 'out' have they not?

    I mean, first they use the word 'must' instead of 'is', ... well thats right up there with apparently, evidently etc

    then as the U.S. 'must' go down they leave an open period like the one between Adam's creation and Eves's.

    short time? that means sqaut in prophecy, esp nonsense like rebelation


  • cameo-d

    DarioKehl: "JWs reason that God allowed the human race to try every conceivable form of government (federalism, communism, socialism, nationalism, fascism, blah-blah-blah) but one form that has yet to be tested is the "One-World Government""

    It was a "one world government" when they were building the Tower of Babel. So yes, it was there at one time. Supposedly "god" destroyed that one world government. But I do not think this "god" was the Creator of mankind. I think that god of destruction was TPTB.

    Just like today...internet is our Tower of Babel. We are globally connected. We can learn anything we want---the information is available. We can all "speak one language" by seeking websites of like minded people. Also "one language" by using translation sites. Who wants to destroy this contemporary Tower of Babel? Just like in the past...TPTB. It is detrimental to them.

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