Watchtower claims Armageddon will come when US is no longer a World Power

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  • d

    I heard told to me by a witness.I was thinking to myself OH BROTHER here we go again with this armageddon bull****.Even if the U.S were no longer a superpower, another contry would take it's place.These people sound just as crazy as Alex Jones and Glenn Beck.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I think the religion would try to spin it this way. It gives them more time. A lot of people (even stupid JWs) are sitting back gloating (with their hands out no less) and wishing for the U.S. to fall as a world power. Well, let them gloat. If things get very bad in the U.S., is it going to be paradise elsewhere on the globe?? I don't think so.

  • cantleave

    What the hell does it matter what they think. They are trying to make sense of an ancient book of myths, fairie tales and rantings of old men.

    Wake up and smell the coffee folks - it's all crap.

  • factfinder

    There is no "king of the north' now according to the w- correct?

  • Listener

    It looks that way

    W 2004 2/1

    With the disbanding of the Soviet Union in December 1991, the king of the north suffered a serious setback. Who will be this king when Daniel 11:44, 45 is fulfilled? Will he be identified with one of the countries that were part of the former Soviet Union? Or will he change identity completely, as he has done a number of times before? Will the development of nuclear weapons by additional nations result in a new arms race and have a bearing on the identity of that king? Only time will provide answers to these questions. We are wise not to speculate. When the king of the north embarks on his final campaign, the fulfillment of prophecy will be clearly discerned by all who have Bible-based insight.—See “Kings in Daniel Chapter 11,” on page 284.
    The paragraph makes no sense because if they don't know who the King of the North is then how did they know he suffered a setback in 1991?

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