Discussion involving my Dad & other long timers - Mood is definately different

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  • smiddy

    Kimbo`s taking the mickey out of us.LOL

    When i was 1st contacted late `59 I was told that this system of things could not last more than 5 yrs.And every yr/couple of yrs the same line was said.

    Too many of the older generation feel that they have too much at stake to leave,they have sacrificed their whole lives for this beleif,they can`t give it up now!

    It`s an admission they were wrong,some people can`t accept that,they would feel stupid to admit they gave their life for something that`s not true

    It would be an admmission they have put their trust ,not in GOD ,but imperfect human beings,and their interpretation of scriptures

    So I say that any older person,who is now acknowledging these problems and seriously questioning long held beleifs I take my hat off to you people and wish you well on your journey of discovery,wherever that may take you


  • scary21

    Flipper.....I had the same conversation with my mom..............

  • villabolo


    My mom & dad ( a long time elder ) are 85 and 83, been in the organization almost 60 years now ! My mom told me a couple years ago that she never thought she would reach her 80's in this system of things.

    Flipper, are your parents old enough to remember John and Eunice?


  • Truth and Justice
    Truth and Justice

    Doubting Bro, I like real good topics, and this is good!

    I also want to say that there are quite a few people on this thread here that I have'nt met yet, so may I extend a "Welcome".

    I find it interesting reading comments about peoples feelings or moods in regards to how they really feel about the organization. I, too am torn between sympathy and disappointment for the people who are scared, frightened, or so heavily involved that they fear all the head aches that come if they leave. I even have half of the family in it, and I have seen signals and clues that give their real feelings. I continually pray for them every day that their heart will wake up.

    On another note, when I left about 25 years ago, I decided to do alittle more reading in my Bible. And some of the things that Doubting Bro and others have said were actually things that were foretold would happen about the sheep being scattered. Also, Jehovah does not use this organization to speak for him. I will always remember this one fact as written in Jeremiah:

    "Here I am against the prophets of false dreams," is the utterance of Jehovah, who relate them and cause my people to wonder about because of their falsehoods and because of their boasting." "But I myself did not send them or command them. So they will by no means benefit this people," is the utterance of Jehovah.

    They will be defeated, and when they are, their will be nothing left or anything to go to. There is no holy spirit, it has been long gone, and with it comes happiness, and there is none. It will come to a point that attendance will be so bad, that people will be more inclined to stay home. What is there to fear when there is nobody to judge you? Its not so much the writing on the wall, it was already foretold. I truly hope that more people will take courage and prayerfully consider their next steps.

    Happy Trails!! Truth and Justice

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Looked at the link to the AGM...

    pretty sick that while the GB sit in plush offices, sleep in nice apartmentss, drive or be driven around in nice new cars, get free food and lodging for life, get to travel the world and eat in the best restaurants have the nerve to call those who have given it all to them their whole lives, murmerers.

    sick sad ungrateful old bastards. Shame shame shame.

    On another note, my mum who has been waiting for the big A since 73, still clings to any little sign that the end 'must be close'... the recent floods and our locust plague in particular got her started. My wife shut her down very politely! (i was not home)


  • boyzone

    I see it here in the UK too. My parents are both elderly and have regular discussions with another long-time brother and sister over coffee once a week. The gist of these discussions is that the Society are starting to be way off when it comes to shunning, education and blood and need to learn some humility. They have been reading the bible together and can see how far these doctrines have deviated from scripture.

    None of them are prepared to leave the Org but they do all talk to me (da'd) and decline the meeting if there's something in the WT they don't agree with that week.

    I'm thrilled that they are having these discussions but am fearful incase they get into trouble.

  • sir82
    The gist of his point was this: Do immigrants not count? Numbers are numbers. Seven million and growing.

    Of course immigrants count.

    I added that comment as a parenthetical - many on this board have the idea that the JW population is decreasing. It is not decreasing, due to extra effort made by JWs to recruit immigrants.

    If it makes it easier, drop the reference to "immigrants & third-worlders" from my post, and I believe my point still stands:

    The number of JWs is increasing, but relatively few are reaching out, relatively few are as "gung-ho" about obedience as JWs in years past, relatively few are willing to be a "self-sacrificing" as the literature implores them to be.

  • Heaven

    Something I've noticed is that none of the dubs are reading the litteratrash like they used to.

    Good point, B the X. The Botchtower publishes the same crap over and over and over again with the exact same formula. This gets real old real quick. People have lives and are busy. And then you have the aging members who just can't do it anymore because their mental capacities are diminished or gone.

    My Dad takes the magazines and they just sit in piles at his place. He hasn't cracked open "Examining the Scriptures" at all this year. Last year's copy is buried in a pile somewhere. He just doesn't have the ability to read, comprehend, and remember it anymore.

  • DesirousOfChange

    will they leave? I think many in their 60's and 70's will not.

    Perhaps they haven't "left", but I am surprised by how many of them are on JWN.

    They are certainly doubting things that they have not doubted in the past.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Both of my great grandmothers, great aunts, and both grandmothers all questioned various teachings of WT. Most of my male family members have served faithfully in the congregation. My family on both sides are working on raising generation #5 in this bootleg religion. Not all are as "spiritual" as they should be. But most of them truly believe this is "the truth".


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