Discussion involving my Dad & other long timers - Mood is definately different

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  • Hairyhegoat

    Well put and good to have your input, My jw family are doing the same to us now. Seems to have got worse since the last circut assembely. We are not da or df but still no contact from any of them in over 6 months now! The WT has alot to answer for, and I think payback may be sooner than they think..

    All the best from

    HHG and SB in the UK

  • nolongerwaiting

    Welcome infpalex!! The no family thing is a hard one indeed. I'm glad that you moved on and found happiness.

    NLW's wife

  • smiddy

    It cant be more than 5 years away ,was what I heard in the early 1960`s when i was first converted


  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    A very loyal, intelligent, and respected sister in our hall told me last week, "The more I read the Gospels, the more I realize that Jesus rarely taught doctrine. Instead, he taught principles. The more I think about this, the less attached I am to 'rules.' I think we (JWs) get too wrapped up in the small stuff and miss the big picture."

    The same sister also said in another conversation, "Jesus was not judgemental. He didn't speak in generalities and absolutes. He was flexible depending on the situation of who he was talking to. I've been trying to be the same way which has led me to speak less and listen more. I've been doing this in the service car groups and I'm noticing that some of the friends speak in such a close-minded manner."

    These interactions give me hope that more JWs are able to read their Bibles and search for understanding free of the rigidity and judgement of WT doctrine. The Society breeds close-minded people by stifling independent thinking. I'm glad there are still thinkers out there. I just wish more of them would speak up.

  • saltyoldlady

    As one old timer that did escape - a year ago (a 1935' brat) yes indeed the atmosphere and feeling in the congregations has been changing and yes - they are getting more and more apathetic - more discouraged - more Zombie like - losing the eagerness for the field service - even to the point of downplaying the house to house and now doing bus stop to bus stop or parking lots, parks and malls (because people no longer answer the doors at home). And neither do people have an interest in discussing religion like I remember from the early 60's - so even the populace has itself changed - putting less faith in there being a loving caring God in charge of things -

    My circle of old-timer friends (Alzheimer friends - LOL) discussed these observations constantly - all of them were dismayed with what they saw - the deterioration. I just happened to be the first of my little group to take the move out thanks to exposing myself to so-called "Apostate" literature - in time they will also. In fact I had a visit Saturday eve from one (in spite of the fact I am considered "apostate") and he wanted to know what the last year had been like for me - couldn't believe it has actually been good and even commented over and over at how good I was looking - I finally replied "Look I have a mirror buddy - I can see that I am indeed a prune face these days" and he replied "no I know that - LOL - but you seem so much more happy and there is an inner peace that radiates from you now and you just look more healthy"

    He is still mesmerized by the 1914 teaching and refuses to give that up so he's not breaking YET but I see chinks beginning.......he intended only to visit for a half hour but stayed for five hours and when he goes back and tells the others I didn't drop dead like Ananias and Sapphira - and yes I still have Bibles all over the place and still study the good Book diligently and haven't lost my love for God - well who knows might happen. It just takes a few penquins to get the march out started

    Sociologically I believe the WTS has made some major mistakes in recent years - one not having a leader to identify with - just a committee of men - no magnetism exhibited by a group of men and no one person to point the finger at either or blame - of course I realize this should have been more like the days of the early apostles but for some reason it hasn't come across that way at all - lack of Holy Spirit behind them? Or is the reason the early disciples were transparent - they wrote material without having to go through a censoring board? How many of us know the individual thoughts and leanings of members of the GB but we do know the leanings of Peter, John, Paul, James, etc. There was leadership in the early days of the apostles but somehow now it just doesn't feel like there IS leadership even though changes are happening.

    And then another sociological mistake I think was the abandoning of the Book Study Group - the small cells of believers that became more intimately bound together. That was one area of great strength and it was hard to believe they eliminated that. That is where the cohesion and support came for individuals. Of course I left soon after so don't actually know how that has worked out. I do know the home bible study idea has taken off with only a few in the local area - most are just relieved to have one less meeting to attend and that is the end of it.

    Even disfellowshipping is not ardently supported - I notice as time progresses more and more of the local congregation have begun to greet me in public and even to visit with me so in my case at least the shunning thing has not been as terrible as expected. Wish that were the case of some of the others of you who have gone through so much.

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    Salty, nice to meet you (we've not been introduced) and thanks for sharing.

    You prove wrong the common misconception that the longer you are in the Org, the harder it is to let go. Your insights are fascinating and appreciated since your demographic is (IMO) very under-represented on sites like this.

    I personally miss the Book Study. We used it have it in our home and it was such a great chance to really get to know the friends. The combination of spiritual and social was refreshing. It also made it easier to make plans for field service. The weeknight combo-meeting we have now feels like information overload. I am glad to have an extra night available at home but still, the meeting moves too fast. No time to think. Support for Saturday field service has gone down too. Not sure if there is any relation but we've tried several different scenarios to encourage regular Saturday service, even polling the friends and making adjustments for schedules, with little improvement.

  • DesirousOfChange

    SaltyOldLady said: ....yes indeed the atmosphere and feeling in the congregations has been changing and yes - they are getting more and more apathetic - more discouraged - more Zombie like - losing the eagerness for the field servic....

    I think I also see the apathy and lack of eagerness, or I wonder if it is just MY apathy. Take yesterday's WT for example, there was nothing moving about it. Just the same old yada yada yada, ask the question, read the yada yada answer, struggle to stay awake. WHEN will they shorten this meeting like all the others???????? Usta be when the CO came, it was easy to shorten the CBS to 45 minutes while still reading all the paragraphs and covering the same material, or shorten to WT to 30 minutes by not reading the paragraphs. Let's face it, it is imperative to read the paragraphs before the question is asked as that is when 90% underline their answers, but to condense into 45 minutes should be easy.

  • truthlover

    Mood change -- yes!

    As a side issue - in our area we have been hit by many snowstorms lately on meetings nights/days -- several in a three week period - it was discussed that we have the meetings on the Family study night, but no takers - elders agreed to say "no" too busy --consequently, no extra meetings were planned at any time to make sure the congreagation had their "spiritual food at the proper time!!"-- I see that as a great comment on the times being spoken of - the desire is gone, people are only putting in mediocre service - attendance or service - not many have signed up for the April push on aux pioneers... it will be a slow descent, but one nevertheless

    people are tired - there is no real heartfelt smiles or anticipation of seeing new faces at the hall - cause there isn't any unless a family moves in from another congregation....more publishers are getting sick, physically, families are tied up with each other and their illnesses, and those who are single or widowed are on their own.....

    In speaking with others in various congregations, its the same -- no growth, no interest by the community at large...

    If Bethel is monitoring this site - they should be aware they better change and soon, I once heard this system was like a freight train running out of track, well that applies today to the society, they are out of track, its panic time!!

  • james_woods

    Employees an stockholders of Exxon were just like that, hanging on until the end when until the company folded and their stock value was zero. They were so thoroughly invested, the only thing they could think to do was hold on and pray for a miracle. And never, ever admit they were wrong or had been duped.

    The Kingdom Hall is full of "Exxon shareholders."

    Not that it matters much, but I think you meant Enron. It is a perfect comparison - a few tried to blow the whistle, but most just held onto the sinking ship because they had so much invested.

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